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The price decides the market: Jing Husui is deep scanning of holiday of city of

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The personage inside Guangzhou course of study expresses, many buildings dish the level before open quotation price already returned a year. Going up bureau of canal of room of land of lunar Guangzhou city still called together development business, agent to wait to close door meeting, but do not think this adumbrative Guangzhou can be mixed inside course of study a few otherer the city publishs “ to help city ” measure in that way.

Shenzhen: Market not buy it

With Shanghai likeness, although develop business,go up in Fair of Shenzhen autumn estate sales promotion of exert to one's utmost, but the market appears and not buy it, autumn hand in bridal chamber clinchs a deal during the meeting the volume still drops repeatedly. Be like: Shenzhen bridal chamber clinched a deal on September 28 the quantity is 112, and autumn hand in what can kick off to fell on September 29 it is 80, mixed on September 30 more respectively only 51 mixed 46 on October 1.

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