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The price decides the market: Jing Husui is deep scanning of holiday of city of

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Nevertheless, floor of the Beijing between gold cycle reachs by September dish dozen fold strength to increase it seems that adumbrative development business next tendercy. If the 10 thousand divisions of price war are lifted to be driven before the section to heat flames of war in Hua Na, Hua Dong,reach Beijing, project of scenery of holiday of the grain in 10 thousand divisions is rolled out about 7.3 break special offer house; Average house project has price through depress or still a few give an area to wait come sales promotion. The personage inside Beijing course of study expresses, depreciate with city of other a gleam of agitation is more and more Anacreontic and different, beijing building city since this year depreciate attitude is more low-key, but of all kinds dark fall measure spreads already. If building city foreground is continued by the market,look weak, dozen the project that bends sales promotion will be increasing and extent also is met bigger.

Shanghai: Without depreciate apparently

” of city of “ holiday building is the “ during Shanghai golden week reservation program ” , the Shanghai estate autumn that held to 4 days on October 1 reveals meeting photograph to compare “ 51 ” room is exhibited can earn really answered person energy of life, but still break feebly it seems that wait-and-see.

This Shanghai room is exhibited can make an appointment with 35 thousand square metre, ginseng exhibit an unit 200, 51 ” room exhibits absent “ before this many famous development business of the meeting are carried the building is making work below the banner dish collective appears, and first days of person that look around more be as high as 40 thousand person-time. What because this the room is exhibited,town enters first on the meeting is new dish not much, because this develops the price of business and favourable measure,be paid close attention to generally. But the development business that the price already had fallen one round before the reporter discovers this already “ brake ” , be like 10 thousand divisions, big China etc depreciate “ pioneer ” is making work building dish all valence maintains the level after depreciating on one round, do not have farther privilege. Pan Zewei manages a few favourable buildings of business of the others development in 9.5 to 9.8 those who fold is small depreciate limits, the person that make clean out a room attendantly feels disappointed.

Guangzhou: Large-scale sales promotion

The information that comes from Guangzhou building city shows, development business centers force to push during National Day new dish, and to gain the market, open quotation Lou Panji is rolled out originally relatively substantially price privilege, person energy of life gets resumptive. Have building of house of a few commodity dish cause price impact to price fixing room. The Gui Yuan that be like green jade (business special administrative area, the building below the banner dish) a batch of Fang Yuanjun price that roll out under 3500 yuan / square metre, than building of house of circumjacent price fixing dish the price is cheap still.
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