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In room assist the proposal adjusts estate policy to advance 4 big step of build

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Zhu Zhong of vice-chairman of Chinese estate association, secretary-general disclosed a few days ago, in room assist the proposal adjusts to say in the estate policy that concerns a leader to housing and ministry of urban and rural construction: Value of “ estate market and trade the quantity is excessive drop will bring an influence to national economy from two respects: It is right the influence of downstream enterprise on estate, estate develops dimensions to drop to bring healthy to national economic stability progress adverse effect; 2 it is estate market atrophy will bring the many society issue such as sodden poop deck, meet to financial industry impact especially very big. ”

For this, in room assist proposal advocate tone is a change “ is at present severe the policy of estate adjusting control of ” , instead “ controls ” moderately. Specific policy includes: Allow local government proper motion to help city; Reduce estate to trade concerned tax rate; Encourage improvement housing demand; Strengthen function of estate early warning system to wait.

Zhu Zhong expresses, current market still is in not Anacreontic period, the adjusting control policy that publishs the whole nation to unite is worse, because this proposal administration allows local government him basis,area characteristic publishs relevant industry policy. Additional, can be opposite inside countrywide limits 90 square metre are the following door model building loan, development offers favourable policy. If the family buys the 2nd flatlet,be to stem from ameliorative living demand, can be in issue the first flatlet to sell the conditional premise such as evidence to fall, according to the first flatlet loan requirement is treated. He returns a proposal, want to pay close attention to the deepness that this house price adjusts and range particularly, think method changes the market anticipation to house price, the change is bought go up not to buy dropping current situation, “ prevents room city big cases to fall greatly ” .

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