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There is few visitors of hall of carry out building

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All through the ages of ” of golden week of National Day “ is considered as the dot when what building city passion bursts forth is important, but in the 11 long holidays this year, the estate market cold and cheerless of Beijing is unusual. Below the big setting of consistent be expected to fall, 10 ” had become “ Jin Jiuyin it seems that the mirage that Yao cannot reach.

And water of ”“ of “ bird's nest is cubic during National Day ” poll emerges the picture that use forms bright contrast, halls of a lot of building of Beijing carry out are there is few visitors however right now.

The reporter is in Beijing southwest 3 annulus a building dish see, have only in the hall of carry out building of hollowness very few a few person that buy a house. A lot of seeing dish person also be circumstance of introduction of young lady of building audition carry out, the building that get dish express to want “ to go back after the data the consideration considers ” . Manager of selling office business says, look in holiday dish person than ever even some more, plus the building dish favourable range is big, many people call will seek advice. A young person that buy a house tells a reporter: “ is almost all building dish hitting fold depreciate, buying a house now is not well-advised choice. House price still should have descendent space, look to say again etc. ”

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