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Town of office building building is small common of the Pan Yong that confuse a

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Landed researcher evaluation thinks, “ of a few star is not active, do not refuse, the manner of not responsible ” , both neither is a building dish sale is responsible, the “ of commodity house acceptance that won't buy for consumer place more 3 packets of ” .

Last week 6, 10 thousand Jiang Mou buildings dish invite star Lin Feng to attend example room to open mobile; to be at the beginning of September, this building dish the relevant conduct propaganda that ever still invited star Tang Wenlong to come round to join a project popularizes mobile ……

The igneous ” that if say the building city previously asks star,Dai Yan is “ star only, so close paragraph of time, development business asks star to build situation is OK say to go up unprecedented fervent. In fact nearly two months come, early or late already more than 10 global star arrive Dongguan building dish aid a group of people of same interest to sell, if Li Keqin, Wang Baojiang, Li Zi, Lv Liangwei waits …… a moment

Star occurrence building dish that day really person energy of life is not poor, development business also is cost for this not thin, star however “ is not active, do not refuse, after ground of not responsible ” is Lou Panlou look good as result of recieving praise, people wants doubt not only, building dish does “ draw near does ” star effect has after all how old? Besides abusing star of recreation of movie and TV to attract eyeball, still whether innovate somewhat?

   Building town is small confuse star to save

The building that uses star him conduct propaganda Pan Zaidong Guan already no longer curious, but this paragraph of time is centered particularly however. Why can development business ask star to build again and again in this paragraph of time situation? The personage inside course of study thinks, the delicate change that this and Dongguan building city happen this year is concerned.

Since this year, the commodity house of Dongguan sells an area to appear to drop considerably, business of a few development for escape this paragraph of downturn, must adjust sale strategy even, defer a building dish appear on the market. Current, dongguan building city is in the circumstance of buyer's market to fall, sale appears more and more important, and ask star to build situation the first selection that is business of a few development, agent. Small town of harbor of beautiful million course of study, central rich and powerful family, deer, division of 10 thousand divisions issues even landed tycoon blue bay of region of gold of 10 thousand divisions, Chang Ping before city of 10 thousand divisions also has asked star, will enter relevant activity. “ is in such weak city, agglomeration person energy of life is very important, star conduct propaganda is very effective alternative please. The building that ” helps a group of people of same interest sell in star dish personnel is right related spot project reporter such say.
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