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Beautiful senatorial high bank note is passed help city new plan

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Local time October a day of evening, american senate agrees with 74 tickets, 25 tickets object, high bank note was passed after editing help city new plan.

The -79669248 dollars that are rejected by American Boule one morning with this week save city program photograph to compare, new plan increased “ to raise upper limit of bank deposit insurance to ” of fifty thousand and twenty dollars and “ government note endowment one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two dollars decrease duty ” to enterprise and middle class two clauses, amount is added to about -403524608 dollars.

But look from whole, the “ that bush-administration puts forward buys the core that ” of assets of financial orgnaization problem still is whole program.

But according to legislative process, plan needs to obtain the United States ginseng, numerous two courtyards pass ability become effective. Latest news says, boule will be in a Zhou Wu is right new plan undertakes voting. New plan should let 12 once was in at least the representative of week of one overhand blackball changes a mind, aptitude pass a test.

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