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Considerably privilege is this year the largest window that National Day grows city of false Nanjing building, plus Nanjing real estate new politics “ of 20 ” aid push, watch the room, citizen that buys a house apparent increase. During the holiday, a few depreciate, low building dish the person is angry very flourishing.

The Nanjing building city that the choice publishs before long holiday is new politics “ 20 ” , showed its to cheer the action of confidence. The reporter interviews discovery, many buildings such as city of view of opening of Nanjing new market dish person energy of life compared flourishing yesterday, depreciate to join the project of city with low especially.

The reporter will be located in the honeycomb project near Shanxi road, according to selling manager introduction, before the client that saw a room that day is compared paragraph time had increase apparently, the chair with honeycomb selling office of person a long time sits not quite. Because the abidance of building city is low,confuse, the “ leak ” before the price that development business releases formally last week compares a few months had unit price thousands of yuan apparent fall after a rise. Low message announces, drew many people seeing a room.

Lin Yadong city sold the celestial being that with room of 10 special offer heavy pound hits out yesterday pretty good also, according to distributors embellish Li Zhihong of vise general manager introduces the course of study that achieve buy, special offer foundations follows the price 2007 originally about the same, and it is small family model, total prices is in 4489 yuan about. Accordingly, client seeing a room is ceaseless all the time.

In new open quotation selling office of constant big oasis, here queues up to waiting to see the room, citizen that buys a house have 339 people about into the selling office. The price-list that the spot announces shows, the discount of this project is very complex still, announce than in advance 85 fold favourable still. The semifinished product room of a 90 square metre, convert comes down to go out with respect to 400 thousand yuan nod.

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