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Mao Jianguo: Chinese building city has below 3 get together cyanogen amine

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“ buys a house, send a milk cow ” , nowadays development business is in not only building dish think greatly on the price, accuse even Lou Panan also very bluff person. National Day during, the one part of opening of Nanjing new market is huge a house property placard, attracted the eyeball of numerous passerby again. (on October 1 " morning paper of weather government office " )

House, milk cow the thing of these two be totally unrelateds, arrived one case because of drag in of milk powder incident however, explain current house property has eaten fell 3 get together cyanogen amine, suffer from went up make water is calculous.

this says, because,be at present the market, the desire to buy of the person that buy a house looks at be objective existence. However, as a result of house property price lose contact with reality, consumer can flinch only. Be in general wait-and-see below, whole market is in badly valence does not have city state. Eye anteroom price looks be like strong, marketable volume is going low continuously however, house property business was experienced already generally blast a chill. House property business or place a government to come out to help city, imploring bank is not smoked endowment, or invocatory the person that buy a house abandons wait-and-see, look at desire to buy to translate into buys the operation at an early date. In reality, had had many in small development business because of capital chain rupture, or had gone bankrupt or move toward bankrupt brim.

Though be on individual dispute, house property business is far very at buying a house person; But below the circumstance that confronts each other in whole, house property business is in weak force apparently however. The truth is very simple, money is in hand of the person that buy a house, most person has buy go up not to buy dropping psychology, even more is the market low fan, even more is to wander wait-and-see. The person that buy a house can bear 35 years again, and house property business may connect 35 months to also wait not to rise.

Look from token, encounter cold seem currently to come from macroscopical adjusting control, and in fact, still depend on house property him business at all. That is to say, the ” of “ stone phenomenon of current house city, skill of house property business is caused. When fixing a price at the outset, house property business estimated a situation hopefully, place price pattern was exceeded badly common the purchasing power of the person that buy a house. After the first relatively rich estate moves, leave this group of people that come, actually integral purchasing power is in drop, and house price even more fries even more tall, the person that buy a house is in hard below susceptive circumstance, inevitable and wait-and-see, await necessarily, of room city encounter cold inevitable also advent.

Jie Ling still must fasten bell person. In house property business and the refuse to budge of the person that buy a house, advocate mover must be house property business. Only house property business squeezes redundant bubble, reductive “ value decides the market rule of price ” , just melt likely cold ice. Nanjing “ buys a house, sending a milk cow ” already was to depreciate substantially sale. Actually, depreciate sale strategy is early had been used by business of a lot of house property, just hinder at face, or concern is caused more serious manage money wait-and-see psychology, house property business just does not agree to just just admit greatly just.
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