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In the press conference spot yesterday, nanjing town house is in charge of Guo Hong of bureau deputy director general to become the busiest news spokesman surely, whether does the adjusting control that offers in the light of reporter, netizen violate the sharp issue such as market rule, guo Hong replies one by one surely, at the same time he also discloses, four quarters country includes various government to be able to publish relevant policy likely, it is normal that city of predicting Nanjing building also will be moved toward in this paragraph of time.

Ask: Whether does policy violate market rule?

[Guo Hong is decided] this issue is sharper. What must emphasize is, the government admits according to the market is to be able to adopt proper measure to have market of estate of adjusting control, interpose, this also is the method with current international, include the United States second borrow crisis government to also move, house overheat published a country last year 8, country 6, building city appears this year new case, include index of go ahead of the rest to have glide trend, we publish policy also is necessary, do not affect the market to develop way.

Additional, the purpose of governmental adjusting control is to promote the market, steady progress that maintains the market, we feel to maintain the market to stabilize development to live to improving a dweller environment, maintaining the market to stabilize development is beneficial, of course the index that we expect is to hope house price is stable.

Ask: Does Nanjing building city glide after all how many?

[Guo Hong is decided] investment of development of market of current Nanjing estate, land clinchs a deal, the index of main in advance such as area of new go into operation all appears to glide apparently, if do not take step, bring about necessarily henceforth unbalance of supply demand relations, bring about the market big cases to fall greatly then. This year city of 1-8 month Nanjing (the water that contain Li, Gao Chun) commodity housing sale is two million nine hundred and sixty-eight thousand three hundred M2, drop compared to the same period about 5 into.

Ask: If this effect is not apparent, can you continue to adopt a few other policy?

[Guo Hong is decided] in light of the angle from house property branch, this policy still has particular strength, can have openly effect. Still have more fundamental policy of course, resemble policy of duty, cost, banking, government of this attributive centrally. Policy undertakes in we also can undertake dogging analytic, try possibly to perfect.

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