House price stops go up period

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Shi Ge of reporter investigation Pan is in Beijing the discovery of a project of 3 lis of collect, although SOHO of 3 lis of collect is in really,rise in price, do not think this is however inside course of study a kind rise in price truly. In the information that in interior of a few “ personage ” leaks, bright go up dark falling sale situation is drawn the outline of. Original, the object that Laopan rises in price is 0 buy medicinal powder door. And move to those even if go up the ten million, big client that does a building to be bought even, old Pan Hui signs sheet personally, give bigger discount.

And Laopan must be in go against city to rise in price, according to the analysis, actually a little ” of “ much cry and little wool, more it is to be SOHO project to earn eyeball.

   10 thousand divisions

Wang Shi is going early the end of the year says Chinese room city arrived inflection point, say or state with certainty the adjustment of domestic building city period had come, one language arouses 1000 billow. The from beginning to end that inflection point talks is published in Wang Shi, 10 thousand divisions begin fall after a rise really in the house price of the city such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou. Have media coverage, the purpose that 10 thousand divisions depreciate is to hit small development business, clear the market.

” of violet center of the grain in 10 thousand divisions are being investigated to be located in the “ of Beijing during reporter National Day discovers, the building of Beijing average house that this can weighs example dish, its price did not talk ” along with inflection point of Wang Shi “ come on stage and immediately fall after a rise, strong all the time instead large half an year, just began 1000 yuan to reduce every square metre sadly recently, the “ inflection point that is Wang Shi offers the evidence that got on to arrive late by ” .

The ” of “ inflection point that weighs to Wang Shi, the personage inside course of study ever was refuted say, unless the price appears essential sex change just calculates inflection point. From eye antecedent condition looks, this kind changes to had not shown clue in Beijing up to now substantially.

   10 thousand

This year July, the landed “ that Feng Lun of chairman of bureau of director of 10 thousand groups published him special path ” : Below current situation, real estate big wrist people in wanting to learn an earthquake, be buried the ” of “ pig adamancy that 36 days of miracles survive, even if thin body also should survive tenaciously come down, when the liberation army (government) arrival. Feng Lun should learn pig adamancy, thin body also wants tenacious, that is to say, estate market is stagnant, that also does not depreciate, be worn with respect to bad news, bad news saves a day that of city to the government. Is Ke Fenglun true cost gotten?

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