The tycoon is faced with heart real estate go bankrupt

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Once HRE firm is ultimate,go bankrupt, of below this company division 400 billion asset deal with the problem will become the burden with German banking most heavy industry. PeerSteinbruck of German finance minister expresses, german government will all one knows supportive HRE company, he points out at the same time, the insolvency of HRE will cause huge loss to German real estate. From last week of HRE since saving plan to reach, european number national capital saves homeland to suffer in the kind that carries nationalization surround the firm at financial crisis. But go up in the processing of HRE, german government does not wish to take overmuch direct intervention action all the time, hope the mutual support that carries German banking industry will dissolve this crisis however.

According to the plan helping city that makes before this, a financial group that forms by several banks and German central bank will be below the harmony of German government the capital infuse that offers 35 billion euro to HRE company, and HRE company will have mortgage with corresponding asset. But the thing is in went up to appear to change gravely Saturday, HRE company showed that day: "The about infuse of capital of 35 billion euro agreement before this appeared major change, investment just has decided what temporary cancel decides formerly to note each endowment plan. Current, we are in of urgent and consultative likelihood replace a plan. "On the other hand, participate in this to trade each bank of the plan was not removed to what issue put oneself in another's position endowment reason. But according to this a few reports on the weekend, these banks are likely reappraise the financing gap dimensions of HRE company.

HRE company ever showed before this, the company is badly in need of the capital of 50 billion euro add the short-term liquidity of the company, and the main use of these capital is the operation that manages its subsidiary Depfa. As a result of HRE company save foreground Ceng Yi to spend occurrence a favourable turn, the stock price of this company is in last week of 5 in trading, soared 41% , close at every 7.51 euro, and last week before this 4 trade of day in trading, accumulative total of this company share price dropped to exceed 70% . Current, hold of company of JCFlowers of illicit collect fund the HRE share of 25% , for one of main shareholder of this company.

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