Hire of office building of land home mouth fell in Feburary nearly 10 % crisis

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Swfc develops business a staff member is opposite the ministry of company limited of Japanese dark edifice that rent the quote of reporter of newspaper of a week of conduct financial transactions is: The area that rent does not exceed 200 square metre, floor does not exceed 20, daily hire 640 dollars. Floor jumps over tall hire to also rise somewhat accordingly. In other words, namely every square metre everyday hire exceeds 20 yuan of RMBs. Intermediate quantity couplet goes Miss Zhang tells conduct financial transactions a week signs up for a reporter, at present office building of Shanghai first class average day hire also has every square metre only 9-12 yuan RMB, former double be latter almost.

The information that basis dark edifice discloses, round-the-world banking center always invests about 8.3 billion dollar. To call in as soon as possible cost, development business decided every square metre everyday 20 yuan hire standard. Press this computation, the office area of 100 square metre, come down one year, hire needs 730 thousand yuan of RMBs about. Not only such, its are very captious also to entering the client that be stationed in, requirement “ must be ” of the orgnaization that cross a state.

Nevertheless, “ standard of double tall ” fails to hold off the demand that rents a settle or live in a strange place it seems that. Personnel discloses related basis dark edifice, up to in August end, the autograph makes an appointment with Swfc office building to be stationed in rate had exceeded 40% (this one word under office building of area of land home mouth enter on average halt rate) , but the situation that reporter of newspaper of a week of conduct financial transactions understands on the spot differs somewhat it seems that.

According to dark a young lady discloses the edifice ministry that rent, hall of first floor of Swfc office division is recieved downstage what the scroll screen on the right side of shows is to join the complete list that is stationed in business door namely. The reporter was counted carefully, include Shanghai of negotiable securities of Japanese luck spic to stay in branch of friendly bank Shanghai, Japan on behalf of place, Japan Mitsui lifetime life Hei Sen of insurance company, Germany - bank of state of graph forest root (Helaba) put together of Shanghai delegate place, day (Shanghai) investment consults limited company, gross 14 orgnaizations are entered halt. Floor distributings to basically be centered in layer of 8 layer, 11-13, 14-16 layer, 24. Additional, 34, 64 have a business door each. And before the basis dark the edifice announces external, 7-77 layer is commercial office division. Two-phase is comparative, “40% autograph enters the view that is stationed in rate ” to make a person it seems that about hard be convinced.

The female white-collar that Mitsui of a Japan stays in friendly bank tells conduct financial transactions a week signs up for a reporter: “7 month the first ten days of a month is entered since be stationed in, the list on scroll screen had not changed basically. ” and a few in endowment of the company into halt also show, its client standard becomes loose somewhat.

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