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Chang an is the average price of pure high-grade office 6900 yuan / square met

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Building financial intermediation is the average price of 6900 yuan / square meter, is hot. Financial intermediation range of building units and flexible, and fully meet the business needs of different enterprises, so that companies set aside more of the Imagination space, public areas, intensive use of the soft service system settings, emphasis on the public range, comfort, public corridors, building the body, toilet and other areas give a good environment in accordance with the requirements of perception, in the light, ventilation, color, style and other aspects of human design. Financial intermediation and the building is located in Zhongshan East Road, southeast corner of the intersection of East Street about solid. Financial intermediation commercial building located in the main road Zhongshan Road, Shijiazhuang, sitting about solid business district, radiation Jianhua, Baifo, three high-tech business district, extending in all directions.
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