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By "ten countries" and the Beijing-intensive control policies introduced in the property market, in May Beijing residential market "price and quantity of Qi" phenomenon, in terms of commercial real estate, was not constrained by policy control, has continued the preliminary positive policy implications. Commercial real estate control policies by the "blank" and the severe housing market policies, in May, "commercial upside down" in a certain degree of ease. Volume of commercial real estate in Beijing continued the upward trend in April, trading volume continued to increase steadily. Meanwhile, in May the average price of commercial real estate rental, compared with the New Deal have been enhanced. China Real Estate Research Center, news release from the data was informed in May of this year, the Beijing part of the commercial real estate prices and rents have projects there has been a significant rise in selling prices range from several thousand to ten thousand dollars on, ring up 12.7% ; large number of items also increased the rent, or an average of 1 yuan / square meter / day -2 yuan / square meter / day. Market participants expect the policy implications of the deep as the housing, in the next few months, the area of capital into commercial real estate will accelerate, will cause the market for commercial real estate development and investment in the climax. 90% price increase capital office After the 2008 global financial crisis, after a year of consolidation in 2009, the Beijing office market has entered a period of rapid increase, regardless of price or rent levels in the most recent period have both been rapidly rising. CASS Institute of Finance, Yi Xianrong, director of financial development that domestic commercial real estate projects this year will certainly be good. First, large funds will occur to reverse. Housing over the past financial speculation, and now policy tightening, there will be a part of commercial real estate capital flows; Second, the rapid development of the residential market last year, the residential market, the rapid increase of commercial real estate development. As long as the rapid development of residential areas, commercial real estate will follow rapidly. According to the China Real Estate Rental in Beijing more than 300 active real estate hot real estate in the monitoring of 90 shows from March to May this year, 90% of the rental items for the price adjustment, of which about 27% of the items their prices rise more than two as the maximum rent increase to 60%. Especially after the introduction of the New Deal, a large number of items Beijing rental prices rise significantly, or an average of 1 yuan / square meter / day -2 yuan / sq m / day between. While in office rents, May commercial real estate rental prices in Beijing there is generally upward trend. This reporter learned that in April of this year, along with the adjustment policies on the strengthening of the housing market, a lot of money into commercial real estate has been very obvious. This year in April, the Beijing office regardless of transaction volume and supply a 100% increase occurred. Into May, the recent introduction of the policy is only for residential real estate market, commercial real estate regulatory "immune", resulting in continuation of commercial real estate in May turnover rising trend in April. April, average transaction price of office space to 22,173 yuan / square meter; May, introduced the New Deal as real estate, resulting in most of the average transaction price of office space rising, average turnover of 2.5 yuan / square meters, the chain reached a 12.7% increase . Commercial land is still not out of the "valley" Despite the emergence of the Beijing office market volume and price go situation, but in May the Beijing land market, especially the multi-functional land commercial land transactions bleak, and there are five land 流拍. The industry says, largely due to the recent introduction of commercial projects for the Beijing Municipal Government's restrictive policy. May 19, live in Beijing Construction Committee, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, City Planning Commission, City Land Bureau jointly issued "class project on the strengthening of the hotel sales management issues related to notice." Which clearly, in the May 31 land transfer contract signed after the hotel project, will be prohibited layered, sub-unit sales. Meanwhile, in May live in Beijing Construction Committee show that the attitude of seriousness, the land can not arbitrarily change the land use nature of the project, and may transfer to the commercial real estate, so a time developers get more cautious. Reporter from the Beijing Land Bureau of Public Information was informed in May of this year, Beijing, a total of 12 commercial office properties and residential land. One of the three commercial land transactions, are located in Shunyi District, Itabashi-day commitment creative industry base. Beijing joint limited liability company, a rich home two competing plots, respectively, G2-07 block and G1-01, G1-02 block. Which, G2-07 planned construction area of 41,878 square meters, the final transaction price of 171 million yuan, equivalent to the floor price of 4083 yuan / square meter; the starting price of the land is 4554 yuan, a premium rate of 275%. G1-01, G1-02 plots were sold for 190 million yuan, equivalent to the floor price of 3548 yuan / square meter, the premium rate of 128%. G1-03 block from the Beijing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Wang Sheng competing with 92 million yuan, equivalent to the floor price of 4633 yuan / square meter, the premium rate of 198%. Transaction known by the location of sites, commercial sites, Shunyi District, being sought after in May. But there are five commercial land 流拍, indicating that the land market in Beijing in May tended to become cold, especially commercial sites. The industry believes that the current item in the sale of commercial real estate market for the previous backlog of more projects, commercial real estate projects to return the funds as long, so for the slower expansion of new land, the current Beijing market is still in a digestion period. But the good news is, most recently including Vanke, Lake, ocean and other developers have to increase investment in commercial real estate. Publicly available data, opened in Beijing in June plans to reduce total number of projects, about 32, while the market's commercial and residential projects planned up to 9. Significantly accelerate the pace of commercial and residential market, false start "policy vacuum." Thus, in May after the New Deal, the capital of the signs switch to commercial real estate has been very clear. Therefore, the market can be expected in the future the demand for commercial land will gradually increase. South City office rents low rate of 90% settled Since the plan announced late last year after South City, Beijing South City development speed, but because Beijing had been with the history of other regions with gaps, price depression persist. Grandmaster in the region this year, New World district, Lize performance of the business district office market is extremely active. Pan of the survey cities, the current occupancy rate of office buildings in these areas as high as 90%. In the Grandmaster area, mostly for self-development projects funded enterprises, such as Hong Kong China Travel Building, high-tech buildings, machinery building, information building, located in the building and so on. Completion of these projects are more long years, the relative backwardness of various facilities, mostly for Grade B office rental offer is also relatively low, the average price of 3.2 yuan / day / square meter. Among them, the high-tech buildings offer 3.6 yuan / day / square meter, machine building offer 2.7 yuan / day / square meter, Information Building 3.2 yuan / day / square meter, the Building, located 3.2 yuan / day / square meter. Low prices relative supporting facilities, making the occupancy rate of these projects will remain at 80% -95% range. In Chongwenmen region, the most representative landmark project is the New World shopping center and the last two years to enter the market within the region Guorui building. The two projects are both grade A office space, the location just across the street, the rent quoted on the differences between the old and the new facilities and other reasons, caused some differences, the New World Centre rental offer 4.3 yuan / square meter / day, Kwok Shui City Building 5 yuan / square meter / day, other items were flat or slightly lower rents quoted are Yan Building, 4.3 yuan / square meter / day, Metro Culture Building 4 yuan / square meter / day, Jing Wen Building Category B projects offer at 2.7 yuan rent / m / day. Vacancy rate, the old project running out of vacant space, of which New World Centre, the new building into the culture at 5% vacancy rate is only about Jeong Building, Beijing Wen Building, now the situation in the full rent. Guorui relatively new city of the lease time is short, the disadvantages of high rental offer, the vacancy rate of around 60%. Lize in the region more than the existing office buildings on the bridge in the area CaiHuYing Lize Bridge and there is no formation of office clusters, scattered in the Lizelunan north, and more for Category B projects, the intervention time is relatively long, small volume , the rent levels at 3.0 yuan / day / square meter, with the level of rent compared to the same period in 2009, with 0.2-0.3 million increase, but rising rents and rising vacancy rate did not bring the vacancy rate remains at very low level, assigned to group stability. More representative of the project are the United States grams Building, Hope Park Building, Hua office, ATV building, Hang Fung Yuen Building, etc., which look Mansion, Hua office, Hang Fung Yuen Building, the situation appears full rent, the United States grams of Building and ATV also maintained in the building's occupancy rate around 95%.
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