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Office market south of the complex to enhance the business environment domina

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Century City around 3 square kilometers in range, number of office buildings or urban complex has started construction or about to start. New Century Center, Palm Springs International Center, East Hope Centre, Lucky Plaza, Fantasia, Fantasia, Hong In South Plaza, Century City ... ... in the international range of around 3 square kilometers, the number of office buildings or urban complex Has commenced construction or about to start construction, south of the international business added a new force, but also greatly enhance the business south influence and appeal. New office complex is about to enter the market dominated by the city Recently, the reporter found that the international interview south, south of Century City in the international business around the core area, there are several office projects are under construction or about to start, south of the international business environment has been greatly Improved. It is understood that the new Century Center, Palm Springs International Center, East Hope Centre, Lucky Plaza, Fantasia, Fantasia Square and a number of incense in the office project is about to enter the market, in addition to some of the higher quality high-end writing F projects, more complex projects the city. It is understood that work has begun on the new century, Global Center, a South Sea Paradise Point MTR Station. According to the project sales personnel, the new century is a global center Currently one of the world's largest single building, set the theme parks, shopping centers, five-star hotel and commercial office buildings and other 5A high quality resources in one, to Chengdu, the business model comes a disruptive innovation. In addition, work has begun on the Palm Springs Convention Center International Centre, close to Century City, Century City is the underground subway seamlessly export complex project above the city, a building height of 200 meters from the international super-5A Grade A office House, a high degree of international service apartments, two 5-story residential and commercial hardcover form, with a very comprehensive supporting functions. According to Wang, will start in the international construction of the region south of Fantasia Lucky Plaza is also a Complex project cities. Business Package Upgrade Enhance the business environment, South The opening of the Chengdu Metro Line, south of the international business environment has been greatly improved. Especially in Century City, marine parks and other places with subway exit, but also increase the convenience of the business office south of the city. Not Only that, in the current South Regional, as well as InterContinental Hotels, Holiday Inn and other five-star hotels, high-end hotel, with Swan Lake Gardens, in the sea One, Cosmos and other high-end residential communities, as well as the core of the new government, the International Exhibition Center, China's third consulate area, the International Chamber of Commerce, Tianfu Software Park, Hi-tech Incubation Park, the financial background services center, the European Union Center, international software and service outsourcing bases in the United States and other Chinese institutions, as well as the international business school, Seven in high school, primary schools and other schools paulownia tree, Decathlon, Ito-Yokado, Shenzhen Maoyebaihuo, the United States and the United States flagship store and other high-end power honest business, Chengdu First People's Hospital and other hospitals facilities, life support is also very End Good. With the south of the emergence of a new urban complex, south of the business environment will be further enhanced. Construction of the new century is global centers, not only the construction of a super A configuration of office projects, Paradise Island will be built Ocean Park, New Century Shopping Center, New World Centre, Central Business Park, InterContinental Hotels, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Mediterranean style commercial town in the New Century Center for Contemporary Art, Dream Music Fountain Square and other public Number of large commercial facilities. Especially the new century, Contemporary Art Center, will greatly enhance the business area south of the artistic quality and commercial quality. Will push the market in Palm Springs tomorrow, the International Centre, in addition to a 200 m Super high office, but will also build high-end apartments and large area of business Comprehensive commercial. Of course, there is planning in the city Fantasia Lucky Plaza complex, it appears the business environment will also enhance the South Under a red-letter writing. Add new vitality South of the new business by the industry must Currently, the South's business environment has been widely recognized, New Hope International, Fantasia Dominion Square, Shu Du Center, TRW Triumph Square, have attracted the attention of many companies and investors, and have orders Purchase. Settled for the upcoming high-end office buildings and cities more than one complex project, in addition to a wide range of companies and investors access to outside concerns, it also showed great interest in them. "I have more than 2000 million, for investment in the business this year or next year, or office project." Professional investors Ma told reporters: "Now I'm concerned about the global center south of the new century, in the Palm Springs International Heart, pattern and other cities in Lucky Plaza, complex projects. I am going to last a few items to look at this, and if appropriate will be more than 2000 million of my money into into. " Palm Springs also believe that the person in charge of international south, the last five years are mostly high-end residential in the lead, while the last two years, gradually increasing the high-end office projects, which greatly enhance the commercial value of the South region Value. Especially now, Palm Springs International Centre, New World Center, a large number of complex projects of new urban market, will further improve the business value of the international south. Like Palm Springs International Center, the world's high-end Chengdu, the first brand in the shape of a high-end office projects, will design and quality of a prospective investment, take the subway entrance in the dual port with the location of Tianfu Avenue, building 200 meters high, king high flush Tianfu new tower Degree of high-end office space, will promote the Tianfu International Economic Development Park in the position and radiation.
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