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Pearl River New City in the sale of office favorite famous enterprises

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This year, the residential market, frequently by policy control, residential investment prospects and appreciation of the potential has been a serious blow. To this end, also led to a lot of investors have moved to the field offices so as to drive the market continued to Zouwang. In this case, the reporter learned that, as the Pearl River New City is the only office in the sale of ecological - Department of the United States Since the end of April after the building has been sought after market opening, the 2.3 million square meters of its most important sales units have been sold, with sales of almost 6 million. At the same time, attracted a large number of leading listed companies and private enterprises to enter, when Before leasing the project to enter the global stage. Guangzhou office market continued to rise Recently, a number of professional organizations released statistics show that this year, the rental price of the Guangzhou office market showing a continuous rising trend, or generally 10 to 20%. Especially in the third quarter just past Degree, the Guangzhou office rents rose 3% qoq. Market participants to analyze the reasons why, on the one hand, the last two years of steady economic growth, so that confidence in the future development of major companies, have large-scale expansion; the other hand, the Asian Games will be held to promote the city-based Building a more complete basis, significantly enhance the city image, but also for the National Center under construction in Guangzhou city and further increase the attractiveness of the enterprise, leading to the market demand for quality office products is also gradually increasing. Good Absorb the force will still result in a good market in Guangzhou office investment market with a bright future. Particularly in the residential market by the policy control continuous case, the investment value of office space is more prominent. Office market investors have moved to This reporter learned that, in the residential investment market is restricted circumstances, this year, many investors have turned to the commercial property market has also led to the commercial property market this year, Guangzhou, the situation of sustained Zouwang Situation. To this end, many experts suggest that, relative to retail investors and high-risk high threshold, office products, is undoubtedly more suitable for commercial property investment choices. "Compared with the residential, high return on investment office in Guangzhou Generally up to 5 ~ 8%. Residential rental yield was only about 3%. Meanwhile, the office rental object is a business, a relatively long term, rental income is relatively stable. " According to report, at present, the Pearl River New City office rents about 110 ~ 260 yuan / month / square meter, Sports Centre and the Hebei area of about 90 ~ 150 rent / month / square meter, while the same area housing rent levels per square M, compared with only tens of dollars or so. In price terms, the disparity is not great, even the price inversion phenomenon. In contrast, the investment value of office products especially. Pearl River New City in the sale of highly sought after office However, in the current high-end office market in Guangzhou, the main products sold are extremely limited. Especially as the Guangzhou CBD, the financial headquarters of Zhujiang New City, the base plate, although in recent years the number of new office products Very large, but mostly rent not sell, offer for sale of products that are extremely small, so that large numbers who wish to penetrate the office market for investors in the region whom feel regret. This reporter learned that, as the region's rare type of office product sales, the U.S. Department of Building, opened by the end of April this year and has been sought after by the market, so far, the project is first to market a single 23,000 square meters office space Spaces have been sold, with sales nearly 6 million, attracted a large number of listed companies, the leading private enterprises, individual investors admission, the headquarters for the project to lay a good economic foundation and office environment. Currently, the project to enter the global leasing Stage, will further attract more leading enterprises stationed. It is understood that the U.S. Department of Main Building, "the fifth-generation enterprise headquarters office" concept, both from product design or hardware configurations based enterprises reflect the position, but also introduces the concept of Sustainable Office in Silicon Valley. According to Department of U.S. House, the responsible person, the Department of the U.S. building products using innovative design concepts, from the human point of view, will be popular in Europe and America, "fifth-generation enterprise headquarters office," introduces the concept of the Pearl River New City, Guangzhou, constitute the first CBD core area of business within the headquarters of the ecological space. This "Fifth Generation headquarters" of the new demand, not only broken the traditional closed office space design, human communication, leisure and other features designed into the enterprise Business office, promoting the symbiotic relationship between enterprises communion, and enhance the cohesion and sense of belonging to the employees.
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