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Lo office price auction is a new high frequency

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Recently, more than the Lo Wu district real estate auction, the property has sold for high office, the auction price is higher than even the secondary market price, an owner immediately after the auction price that the recent price increases, industry believes that writing more than House property sought after by investors phenomenon is evident. Secondary market price auction the highest bid ever October 26, by the odd Auction Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, China hosted an auction, Shenhua Commercial Building, 6 office units led to more than the auction, starting price of 1.1 million -1.3 million / sq m, and the last the transaction price Of 1.5 million -1.8 million / square meter. The most expensive set of calculations, the auction price 1.8 yuan / sq m, plus 4.5% of the auction fees, deed tax of 3%, 1.5% of the agency commission fee (the sets of real estate buyers with by mediation In the past), the unit price of 19,600 yuan / square meter. "The sale of second-hand current listing price generally only 1.6 million -1.8 million / sq m, price about the same. But, now that housing is available for sale two months ago put a disk , The auction house is sold now so high, the next price increase is estimated that many owners have had. "A Hong Kong owned real estate business, said Jiang, Director of Lee. It is reported that recently a number of office properties, Luohu District, auction transaction prices have hit a new high. Such as the October 25, there are three building sites totaling 490 square meters of office space auction, starting price of 20,600 yuan / square meter, results 26,000 yuan / square meter transaction, but also more than 40 million of arrears (the former owners of the property outstanding property management fees, utilities, etc.) required the buyer, together with the various taxes and fees, must register unit price of 29,000 yuan / square meter. "When Building when we look at the transaction record to the king, 2.85 yuan / sq m be the most expensive, so the auction price came out, many owners know immediately raise prices, the highest listing price is now more than 30,000 yuan / square meters. "Midland Realty, said Wang Xiaoping, Luohu District, office manager. Lo office sought by investors "This kind of deal the final bid was higher than the starting price of five or six thousand square meters, is relatively rare in the real estate auction, auction bid in particular, like the case of the secondary market price is higher, basically never seen before. " Jiang and Wang Xiaoping said Lee. Because the auction house are related to the debt problem, and additional fees, and even some still- outstanding property management fees, utilities, etc., it is generally better than the market price of the two normal sales Hand about 20% lower prices. "It was mainly due to the purchase of residential, commercial real estate capital flows idle, and can be sold on the market in Shenzhen office is very small, so the property for auction has been sought after for. We all agree that the auction of property Will be cheaper, in the field under the intense bidding, driving up unknowingly. Of course, the final transaction price of a new high, or that the market can accept the psychological level increased. "Midland Realty sales vice president Jiang Chief said. He said the office recently participated in several properties at auction, the final transaction price is higher than the secondary market price. The reason that such a phenomenon concentrated in Luohu District, Central Plains, Midland, home and other intermediary business in Hong Kong Department of the relevant responsible people, first, because just recently, Luohu District, only to have more office space is for auction; the second is due to Lo Wu area "commercial upside down" phenomenon is particularly evident, office rental rate of return to see within the city are high, such as the current Shenhua Commercial Building, 85-90 yuan in monthly rent / square meter, building sites In the 140 - 150 yuan / square meter, according to the transaction price, the annual rental rate of return of 6% -8%, thus attracting more bidders. According to the three intermediate introduction, by their buyers with the last auction did not own type, are pure investment Information-based intent.
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