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Office building hires the job- - decorate administrative regulation with the roo

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After office building is versed in function room rents, use company can is opposite commonly its undertake decorating. To ensure the interest of owner and tenement builds favorable company work environment, owner should make the rental room with a reasonable and lawful science decorate a regulation, so that carry out. Should serve as in order to set " the contract that rent " accessory is used.

Example is referenced:

Class action room decorates management regulation

To ensure the safety of working building, feed-in is stationed in an enterprise to build favorable working environment, make this provision especially.

One, after the enterprise garrisons a center, if need to use a room to undertake transforming to the job, those who decorate, graph of wiring of the content that beard general decorates, ichnography that decorate, water and electricity signs up for ministry of central general management with written form, the ability after approved undertakes decorating by the graph. The nuclear careful of general management ministry, approval should be commonly inside 3 days finish.

2, the center is versed in the wall outside making those who use a room (a wall that contains the balcony and room) , flue, water supply and blowdown conduit cannot be demolished or transform.

3, in decorating a process, when the member that the center will be sent is errant undertake check and coaching to the spot. The enterprise revises the programme of construction like need in construction process, want to be declared to general management ministry, the ability after classics approval is changed.

4, the housing materials that decorate, silty cannot pass elevator locomotive, can carry through stair only, the ground that should assure stair, corridor in carrying a process is neat, cannot damage.

5, declare the company that has decorating, those who hand in 500 yuan of / door need to decorate bail after be being decorated permissibly, when waiting for an enterprise to retreat a room to check and accept, examination of the member that general management ministry is sent confirms what did not violate this regulation, the center gives return earnest money.

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