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The management of office building of have a restricted view

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Office building management, it is the one large category in property management. Not small proportion was held in the property management of Beijing. For the angle from economic benefits, was next to hotel management to hold industry second position.

Manage the understanding of " to " , benevolence person see benevolence, wisdom person see wisdom. I understand its meaning should be: Be in charge of some job; Keep and arrange; In charge of is restrained etc.

One, office building management is a when appear after reforming and opening new industry, what its form and content are having essence with the office building management of planned economy times is different. From the angle that is in charge of some job for, administrative purpose is unified, the activity that develops through controller namely makes this job is able to go on wheels. Property management belongs to service type business, the product that property government activity offers is " service " , the property that property management company develops for its manages administration fee of mobile collection property. The management of office building must follow the following principles:

1) paid principle

To make the moving success of office building, property management company must is opposite person, money, content; Soft, hardware executes omnibus management. Cost of the begins place happening cost to run an activity, tax, profit is must, "The person that serve the enjoyment of " should pay fee for its. For the content from the service, the corresponding charge of the public service of groovy sex is property administration fee, and the special service of specific aim and the service of engage by special arrangement that entrust a gender are to need to pay fee additionally.

2) client consummate principle

The client is the " of parents of " back and belly of property supervisor, did not have a client to also live with respect to what did not have property supervisor condition. Office building client is given priority to with the job in the activity in property, the life next. Property supervisor must set out from client demand the content that makes a service and standard. Except break the law, violate of compasses besides, as far as possible the standard that the demand of contented client is pair of customer service Wu. Office building management tells " to be this " with the person, " of this " person is a client. Be with the person should be originally it is with the client this, either it is with controller this.

3) lawfully administrative principle

Market economy must manage lawfully, property management also must manage lawfully. This wants to manage according to existing law, code above all among them. Method of law of constitution, civil code, disappear, contract law, company, value standard, insurance law and byelaw of punishment of public security management must be abide by in property management. Next, want to rely on governmental administration, be like: The village of bureau of land room canal does, property place; Bureau of city price bureau, public security bureau, fire control is waited a moment.
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