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Cover inside floor area

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What is " cover inside floor area " ?

What is we look first " cover inside floor area " ? Set inside floor area comprises by 3 parts:

(1) cover inside usable floor area: A, divide into equal parts of ark of bedroom, living room, dining-room, corridor, kitchen, toilet, false layer, toilet, storeroom, wall door the summation of the area inside the door; B, jump the indoor stair in layer residence, by the area of natural number of plies summation plan enters usable floor area; C, do not include well of the chimney inside the structure, ventilated path, conduit, all plan enter usable floor area.

(2) cover inside wall body area: Build the residence to be covered each between break up a wall, set with public construction between the space break up a wall, and outside wall (include frontispiece) , all be common wall. Common wall body presses a standard the half of umbriferous area plan into set inside wall body area; Blame is common level of wall wall system is umbriferous the area is whole plan enter set inside wall body area; Metope decorates ply inside all plan into set inside wall body area.

(3) balcony floor area: What A designs formerly is enclosed the balcony, by its periphery level umbriferous area calculates floor area; B, carry a station (bottom balcony) by its motherboard level the half of umbriferous area calculates floor area; C, sunken balcony is at war by its area (contain area of parapet wall body) half plan enters floor area; D, carry half sunken balcony partly, winkle part presses its motherboard standard the half of umbriferous area calculates floor area, sunken be at war by its into the part the half of the area calculates floor area.

The place on put together is narrated, set inside floor area = is covered inside usable floor area is covered inside floor area of balcony of wall body area.

The floor area of the building is to point to a building the wall outside each house (or outside column) level of periphery less than is umbriferous area the sum, include the balcony, carry corridor, basement, external stairway to wait, and provide stock upper cover, well-set, above of layer tall 2.20m (the permanent structure that contains 2.20m) .

The usable floor area of the building is to point to to a total that use net area can offer entirely inside the door is divided in the residence. Include bedroom, living room, hall, kitchen, toilet, a built-in wardrobe or cupboard, balcony and indoor footpath, indoor stair to wait a moment.

The department of property right area of the building points to property right advocate own a building lawfully all housing areas. Area of building property right is registered by branch of director of administration of estate of municipality directly under the Central Government, city, county counterpoise truly maintain.

Living space is the bedroom that in pointing to the residence, uses for daily life daily life, living room the summation of the net area that wait. When the area that divides a hall inside the door and corridor exceeds 6 square metre, the 1/2 computation that can press its area is inside living space.
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