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Is price of He Wei sex compared?

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Alleged " sexual price is compared " , will tell from literal is performance/price ratio, mix from function that is to say two respects consider the price integratedly. The personage inside real estate points out, go up in the market of estate at present, the phenomenon that the concept that tall sex price compares is abused is very serious, what achieve product quality and price no matter is reasonable the weight used on a balance that deserves to attract customer than coming out tall sex price to do than taking. Make the profit that injured consumer not only so, and produced negative effect to estate market.
Why be the house that tall sex price compares, can say to perplexing each wanting that buy the customer of the room. Expert analysis, the residence that tall sex price compares should have a specific price upper limit in current building city. For instance: In current state the interpose of macroscopical adjusting control falls, a lot of look so very potential investment area often is assuming bigger investment risk, and the house price of these areas often taller, the face contains certain bubble part here, the building of this area dish belong to low sex price to compare. Once bubble burst, mean investor to will bear very big loss normally, and the investment area that if convert the look of investment,is not valued before, on one hand will effective prevent estate market the risk of the investment that place of a lot of not certain factor brings, on the other hand such investment also can get rich and generous get one's own back, after that person more should calculate compare in tall sex price over.
The personage inside course of study thinks, the sexual price of house property considers from a few respects than wanting, above all, reach the function of the house form a complete set, village by a sector of an area, circumjacent environment design of program and establishment, building and quality, door model, property management waits enumerate a moment to leave come, as congener as periphery building dish undertake comparative, give a mark integratedly. Next, it is the accident of time limit for a project, the product with good quality of short construction of time limit for a project is the focus of investment. The 3rd, it is the discretion of utilization rate, what should pay close attention to particularly is to cover inside floor area utilization rate, because this matters to the actual unit price of valid area directly, at the same time moving cost of future is like property management, changes in temperature, water and electricity, and fund of tax cost, communal maintenance want with floor area settle accounts. The 4th, the actor bad that community periphery configures also is the key that sexual price compares, the safeguard of recreation, education, medical treatment, commerce and advantage are to live more the key of additional cost.
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