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The pan way of office building

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Take the edge of fortune, get ready for fight is contended for occupy business circles. Once fortune was experienced farming agrarian times, and in the civilization of the industry after 20 centuries, office building is changing civilized pattern sadly however, to investing hire owner or for private use owner, the office building that chooses good rise in value is to be worth to be carried very.

, area lock is decided

It is investment hire owner or for private use owner no matter, it is the prospect that wants to purchase a good rise in value, and in present office building, forming the structure of different group ground with all sorts of concepts, why is the choice planted so trade group, lock up calm area to make the best plan of superexcellent choice just about. Accordingly, the area environment that should be in with office building in the choice is in the distinct advantage photograph of the respect such as energy of life of innovation of policy, technology, talent, trade, person is united in wedlock, pay close attention to the construction of this area infrastructure and establishment of other form a complete set and the development henceforth, understand the periphery that borders what to domestic and international well-known company is joined.
Those who buy office building to care office only not only is comfortable, more should balance a variety of elements of the appreciation of its land, because of the city advocate of central area land rare be short of a gender strong, the space of appreciation is larger, especially advocate central area range is narrow, according to regulation of active town planning policy, impossibly already again new high-level office building is supplied. So the lock encircles the ground surely, it is the first selection essential factor that measures office building to whether have rise in value.

2, the desire is locked up calm

Choice office building depends on undertaking to its bought intention locates, was to buy for private use to still rent, get the purpose sex that makes clear its to use, what to make use, how much to throw, how long calls in cost, profit space has how old, delimit not be to one's profit.

3, figure is locked up calm

The exterior is one of main factors that reflect price of office building house and hire, also be the key that reflects company image, xi Liyuan of face, city stands outside international force encloseding ground for growing trees to cut form, gold to collect the arc of the edifice south still link system builds a form, let a person find everything new and fresh. Pay attention to a gender of course while valence is compared, should pay attention to the business energy of life all round and person energy of life more, consequently the buy person of office building of a lot of investment aims at a client group will invest, well-known company and strength business serve as the class figure of office building be next to an area main factor will choose, accordingly, the exterior class of office building decided its give the first impression of the person.
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