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Office building soft serves -- detailed rules and regulations of office building

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The character of office building property and use requirement, the working content that decided office building manages daily and administrative focal point basically are in the following respects:

, the service of business affairs center and management

The plant layout of 1. business affairs center
Facility of business affairs center (Chinese and English processor, printer, electrograph, telex machine, typewriter, computer, bound machine, model seals machine, nuncupative recorder, TV, phone, movie and TV equipment, measuring projector and screen, camera and other office articles for use) , be added according to serving a purpose and acquire, this is the assurance that provides good service. Personnel of business affairs center is in use process, answer to undertake strictly operating according to normal operating sequence, undertake maintaining necessarily to equipment regularly, once equipment malfunctions, answer to be undertaken maintaining by professional.

The job of center of 2. business affairs program
The service of business affairs center is the direct service of zonule, much project. The evaluation that the guest serves quality to business affairs center is with the service considerate with quick be jumping-off place. Should accomplish a service considerate and quick, must rely on experienced working personnel and a sound working program.
Working program. Before ① serves: Understanding client place needs to serve project, serve time and service demand; Collect fees to client explain circumstance, according to collecting fees requisition accepts certain proportional deposit. In ② service: With accurate, quick for the principle, by the guest the service asks to finish a service accurately. After ③ serves: After place of the guest that finish wants a service, fill in " receipt of charge of business affairs center is odd " , guide or accompany a guest to arrive financial department settle accounts. " receipt of charge of business affairs center is odd " one type triplet, one couplet gives financial department, one couplet gives guest, one couplet files by business affairs center.
The main target of business affairs center is a guest, sometimes personnel of office building interior also needs to use device in business affairs center because of the job, make business affairs center sign one-way order for this;
Personnel of office building interior uses device to business affairs center, because the job needs,must be; Before using, must agree by what this employee is in sectional manager. Must be in " use application of facility of business affairs center is odd " on after the reason that fill Qing Dynasty, content, use time and approval person, affecting the premise that provides a service for the guest next use. The beard after using is in " expense settle accounts is only " on autograph.

The service of center of 3. business affairs project
Type of business of office building client is different, oneself office condition is different, to the service of business affairs center limits asks to differ. The service item that more all ready business affairs center offers includes: (1) translates a service, include file, contract to wait; (2) secretary serves, include of all kinds file processing; (Automation of 3) office system serves; (Equipment of office of 4) a complete set of and personnel provide a service; (5) temporarily office take on lease serves; (6) grows word, fax, telegraphic service; (Talk of 7) business affairs, conference plans a service; (8) business affairs seeks advice, business affairs information inquires a service; (During 9) client goes out, custodial, generation turns fax, correspondence; (The postal service such as 10) mail, postal parcel, express; (11) computer, TV, kinescope, photograph picture, the service of machine of slide show, BP, mobile phone that rent; (Subscription of 12) the press, magazine serves; (Equipment of 13) client telecommunication does sth for sb, acting outfit serves; (14) file, calling card print a service; (15) extends group by group commercial letter serves; (Clip of 16) the press serves; (17) secretary grooms the service.
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