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" supply and marketing 7 years Zhengzhou CBD develops two flourishing " foregr

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Market of real estate of Zhengzhou business affairs also can be used in the expression 2006 " passion 4 shoot " will describe, be in " supply and marketing two flourishing " in the central point that makes the attention inside course of study gradually. Regard office building as the area that puts in thick and fast, the development of CBD is affecting each the individual's heart.

Value of CBD office building highlights need time

The development foreground of Zhengzhou CBD is beyond question, everybody gave positive attitude, at present CBD office building " experience " value is underestimated and either the crucial place that affects whole market development, the problem of the market should rely on the market to solve, wanting the market only is healthy, total meeting has settlement idea, a word says well: Give CBD a bit time. "To Zhengzhou such city, the foreground of CBD is beyond question. " Xu Jun of vise general manager of limited company of adviser of estate of place of time of Shenzhen city peaceful believes thoroughly, "At present the value of office building resembles lying between the two sides of a river, and at present the market can accept the price, if you want to go forth, you should build the bridge, you think further, the bridge that you build is longer, you should invest morely; The 2nd, time is the most important, if you are not willing to build the bridge, want to immerse oneself in the product that makes oneself only, this is about to see you can bear enough pressure. " Henan starts the line of business that amount to buy article of alone of Yao of chief inspector of limited company sale thinks, when the market has demand, you shift to an earlier date one pace is OK, you shift to an earlier date 45 paces should fail for certain, so the foreground of CBD basically is the strength of the pattern that sees whole business and governmental capital attraction, and the endurance that high speed of Zhengzhou city economy develops. Henan essence is versed in limited company of landed sale adviser creates chief inspector Li Zhijiang to think, the prospect that the interactive effect between catenary of industry of Zheng Dongxin region makes CBD is first-rate, can exhibit course of study to there was 150 million yuan income last year especially, as in the enterprise of the name, the oil in resembling, medium petrifaction also has been entered halt, add provincial of daily of group of big group wide cable, Henan garrison, can drive more business take advantage of an opportunity and enter, the business affairs atmosphere of CBD will grow day and day. Henan old neighbor Bai Yijian of chief inspector of limited company sale says buy course of study, "Century peak is met " the end of the year began put on sale 2005, inside half an year sell out basically, among them 70 % are to live oneself client, this lets them have hope more to the development of CBD future. Believe Zhengzhou CBD will appear 2008 inflection point.
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