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2007 project of Zhengzhou office building: High end of bogus of VS of true high

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Flaunt oneself when everybody when high end, with respect to the office building that needs true high end the station comes out to model new harmony. 2007, to the Zhengzhou office building that advance triumphantly, by who high-end part can be acted?

"High end " office building

Reinforced concrete is frozen and as dry as a chip, blundering is popular feeling. The development business that is a purpose with angle profit, gain profit with the spec the investor that is original intention, it is in order to publicize flourishing age oneself the partial media that allow was made jointly " blundering " , somebody jape, development business is built gave " objective is changed " office building, investor bought " money is changed " office building, media publicized " deal in generalities " office building, 3 person each other is " encourage " , supplement each other, created jointly " blundering " office building.

A nonlocal friend of the reporter wants to buy scriptorium of a for private use in Zhengzhou all the time, use at satisfying the trade office requirement that expands increasingly. But make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot through a few, he wants the author the personage inside this so called course of study helps his fall calm: What say on the mouth is very luxuriant, what do in the hand is mostly general, he temporarily spellbound.

Pardonable he is spellbound. Before a few years, the estate market of Zhengzhou basically still is centered in the residence to develop a field, the development business sortie of a few acumen the development of the commercial building, what make pure office building truly is very few, can by the coronal with " 5A " , " high end " the office building of the word is done not have almost. The consumptive choice of consumer is quite easy. Now, everywhere of old quarter of aperture of La of ave lane, Ga, new city sees the office building of topping Yun Tian, in very little earth of very little gold today, the physical height of office building by successional refresh, the psychological height that develops business also expands increasingly, then, "High end " embark upon a political venture of times of office building group.

Engineer ace of company language table in estate " embellish " below, the conduct propaganda of Zhengzhou office building also increasingly " high end " rise, a little " drive Ying Chaomei " meaning. Without giving thought to a sector of an area how, coronal with " gold diamond " a sector of an area; Without giving thought to hardware how, coronal with " 5A intelligence " ; No matter serve on any account, coronal with " international property is advisory " model of written characters... for a short while, zhengzhou was done not have in low end office building. The viewpoint of a manager of development business real estate has very much representative, office building conduct propaganda is too blundering, some are coxcombical, it is promiscuous even seeing and hearing, blurred bounds, from long-term look, not be a good thing to the market.
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