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Sale of Zhengzhou office building swept past buckish and reductive character 200

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Suffer office building to the limit of one's capacity to increase an influence, sale of Zhengzhou office building was met 2007 more give tit for tat.

Sweep past buckish and reductive character

2006, consign of some large office building uses Zhengzhou, its are in the propagandist gain considerable fame among one's contemporaries when the sale, pack extremely all luxuriant and decorous, also created myth of a sale. But after consign, a lot of owner are very not satisfactory to its hardware, software, to its " high end " raised very big doubt. "True high end " VS " bogus high end " the result that office building competition had sex of a phase.

2007, increase as what Zhengzhou office building puts in a quantity, a few buildings dish still can wrap around for certain " bogus high end " appearance swagger through the street, but also can have building of individual true high end for certain dish rise to surface, lead Central Plains.

Henan old neighbor buy course of study the opinion of Bai Yijian of chief inspector of limited company sale straight from the shoulder, the office building sale previously is being packed again, the conduct propaganda of the commercial building wants than pure office building luxurious, but use when a few consign that issued office building of very great time on conduct propaganda, well-advised consumer gave the stand or fall of the product with respect to resolution. So, the sale of office building was met 2007 is " character is returned to " year, can pay attention to a product more on sale promotion the conduct propaganda of real character, the promotion of whole industry also can return to reason stage by stage.

Henan is suitable gallop layout of landed limited company is in charge of He Shijing to be analysed to the market is sufficient very, strictly speaking, 7 years total supply wants office building Yuan Chao and last year, golden canalage along the line has riverside to send • of international banking center, Rong Xun to win, space of Cheng Runguo time, always mix international; Inside other city did not add office building newly basically to supply, supply of pure office building of CBD outer shroud is larger. The field is popularized in sale, area, product, client remains the focal point that spreads conduct propaganda, the requirement of detail may be paid attention to more.

Chen Haibin of chief inspector of limited company sale checks trade of limited company of transmission of culture of advertisement of Zhengzhou name Cheng, Henan is big buy the judgement that this made oneself. Above all, the hype of office building sale of certain area can appear again and again, basically can appear in new developed area of golden canalage and Zhengdong two area; Next, the substantial argue of product level will be more and more intense, a few gewgaw concept catchword will exit sale arena; Again, come to be distinguished with the competitor on hardware, individual office building can publicize his high-tech, intelligence to change hardware to deploy mainly; Finally, brand of the company in can progressively home is in large development company the action propping up in office building sale.
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