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Office building rents a contract

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The building contract that rent

Party A (rental square) : _______________________

Party B (bear hire square) : _______________________

Party A and Party B basis " contract law of People's Republic of China " , " estate of city of People's Republic of China administers a law " the regulation of etc concerned law, code, both sides of armour, second is on the foundation of principle of equal, freewill, honest, credence, agree with respect to hire of second direction Party A its building item reachs following agreements:
, of the building repose, area and decorate, establishment
1, 1, Party A embraces his some in Zhengzhou city __________________________________ reposing that rent Party B is used legally.
1, 2, this housing area that Party A rents Party B is used in all ____________ square metre.
2, the utility that rent
2, 1, acceptance of second direction Party A, rent this building to be used as office only.
2, 2, inside the deadline that rent, not what beforehand ask forring gets Party A is written agree, party B does not use utility so that do sth without authorization changes this building.
3, the deadline that rent
3, 1, this building is rented period in all _____ month, from ____ year ____ comes since day of ____ month ____ year day of ____ month ____ stops.
3, 2, rent expire, party A has authority to call in all and rental building, party B should as scheduled reassign. Party B is like requirement relet, must be in rent a month before expiring to advance written purpose to Party A, sign the contract that rent afresh.
4, hire reachs terms of payment
4, 1, hire of this building month is RMB ________ yuan. (great: __________________ ) .
4, 2, terms of payment of this building rent: □ year monthly of □ of quarter of □ of □ half an year; Prepaid hind with; Hire of first phase signs a contract to pay that day, terminally hire shifts to an earlier date after _________ day pays.
5, other charge
5, 1, Party B is inside the deadline that rent, network of use □ of phone of □ of charge of electricity of □ water □ uses administration fee of the property that expend □ □ _________ , assume by oneself by concerned regulation by Party B.
5, 2, should pay RMB of cash pledge of Party A building _________ according to Party B of Party A requirement yuan (great ________ yuan whole) , wait for rent expire after settle charge, party A should return cash pledge sum Party B that day at settle. If Party B did not concern charge by formulary settle, party A has gold of authority refus remand. Be like Party B settle, party A gets sum to return deposit.
6, building reparative responsibility
6, 1, inside the deadline that rent, party A should make sure the use of rental building is safe. Party B should be cherished and reasonable use its place bear the building that lease reachs his accessary establishment. Because use,be like Party B undeserved cause building or establishment damage, party B should be in charge of repair instantly or give economy is compensated for.
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