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Market of 2007 Zhengzhou office building is firm in have litre

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Office building of Zhengzhou high end is ceaseless emerge in large numbers. Besides the addition of supply, price of whole of Zhengzhou office building also shows clear ascendant trend. This basically is Zhengzhou economy high speed development drove an enterprise to be opposite the demand of high-end office building, in the meantime, zhengzhou city starts the construction of CBD of core of Zheng Dongxin area, also led office building market especially the development of market of high-end office building.

Market of Zhengzhou office building will be in 2007 smooth in still maintain good sale momentum, after taking shape as Zheng Dongxin area especially, market of office building of Zheng Dongxin area CBD can have better prospect.

From 2007 office building market supplies a circumstance to look, office building market appears the trend that gives polarization, on one hand, pure office building is increasing, like greenbelt · peak meeting the world, Xin encloseds ground for growing trees the central point that the Fu Yiliang such as square of edifice of chamber of commerce of international of · finance square, Henan, Wen Ge China makes industry pay close attention to, they led the high-end office building 2007 the market, whole promoted Zhengzhou office building the class of the market; On the other hand, to satisfy a part the office demand of specific company, office building of a few specific places are dynamic also a few quality, be similar to golden wisdom · store of 10 thousand rich, world trade store build the office building on business shop, also get a few client angle that are fond of group of railway station trade.

Distributing from area in light of, with advantageous situation and convenience traffic commend east the downtown of very little gold collected area, very little earth large quantities of one high end office building; Other area office building matures not quite relatively.

2007 in project of carry out office building 34: Business circles of · of city of square of finance of Xin center · , Central Plains beautiful rich, country, Pu Faguo is border banking center, wide collect PAMA, Rong Xun to win, international of Jin An of golden peak · , Zhengzhou square, province collects Manhadu center, country is promoted.
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