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Edifice of Henan international chamber of commerce -- the competition ability of

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How to define a classical office building?
What it can become a kind of identity certainly is indicative;
It represented architectural of business affairs of a times certainly top achievement;
It can evolve into the symbol of a history certainly;
It left the space of development and imagination beforehand for future certainly;
It can make a mark and drive of model for painting certainly people deducts all sorts of life money around it legend...

One, gold a sector of an area: Because of endowment advantageous
An element of world center office building is pair of urban advantage resource have, on situation certainly will is located in the important node that gold trader encircles. Estate development has 3 gist element, the first it is a sector of an area, the 2nd it is a sector of an area, the 3rd still be a sector of an area. This is not possibly to the residence, hotel is the truth, but to office building, do not have counterexample almost, a sector of an area is undoubtedly bear the first element that leases office building and major essential factor.

The 5th highway of new York brought up Luo Kefei to strap a center, the country was born on the gold node of Beijing Chang'an Street and 3 annulus road trade center, of Hong Kong in annulus is newly mark IFC (international banking center) seat, shanghai Jin Mao edifice is located at mouth of Pudong land home... proved a bit: Gold a sector of an area of the city is the requirement that makes a top class office building.

The infrastructure construction that lead plans offerred the macroclimate that flourishs relatively for the value of Zheng Dong CBD, the periphery that is core area with CBD is distributinging group of many regional trade, can exhibit course of study, banking industry, communication course of study, hotel industry, entertainment industry, negotiable securities course of study to wait also relatively concentration, market prospect is valued, consequently the project of office building of Zheng Dong CBD has distinct advantage more.

Be located in in the center of Zheng Dongxin area CBD the edifice of Henan international chamber of commerce of area of core of business affairs area, total investment makes an appointment with 260 million yuan of RMBs, floor area 70 thousand square metre, get on 30 among them, underground 3. The office building of first class of high-grade 5A intelligence that develops construction by course of study of buy of Zhengzhou thousand happiness, build to start working from project project approving, drew the look of numerous domestic and international business organization, enterprise, the person is angry all the way violent wind rises.

Actually, the metropolitan the most flourishing a sector of an area that there also are many national homes on the world develops " in the center of CBD business affairs area " , the business site of each main finance orgnaization, of all kinds money market and function of other banking service introduce among them, the wall street of the London finance city of current world You Yiying nation and American new York is the famousest. It is with city of British London finance exemple, be in mere one square mile on land, collecting many 550 internationally bank and many 170 global stockjobber. Add insurance company and orgnaization of other finance manager, the person that goes to work over reachs 30 more than person.
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