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The residence / business spreads / office building: Saute of rostellum Juan Xin

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Someone says, the building is caky music. From the concussion that builds pair of hearts character, the building is jumpy note. Should stand in commanding elevation of Zheng Dongxin area, look around all around when the building, beating in brain or lively, or fluent, or ablaze note. Uptown gentle, halcyon let a person also can associate to harmonious, happy life in what view and admire; And office building and business are spread criterion more impassioned, couplet letting a person thinks of they are in market tide the attitude of make public.

One of buildings of sex of sign of Zheng Dongxin division -- Zhengzhou can exhibit a center, resemble an umbrella that maintains, below the lake water set off that ripples in blue waves, glamour is wanton stream drip, dripped to form clever note into brain. The expert says, its complete indicates the construction of a Zheng Dongxin area stepped one pace successfully again; And its investment is used, indicative Zheng Dongxin area and outside begin to interact substantially rise. In Zheng Dongxin the area is built and in the interactive process with the outside, a what kind of about does Zheng Dongxin area show? Go up from house of Zheng Dongxin region, office building and business shop probably, we can observe the appearance of Zheng Dongxin area and the development foreground that did not come.

The residence of Zhengdong new developed area piece

Apartment of the boarding house of international of Olympic garden · that from Zheng Dongxin the area builds one batch the earliest, greenbelt · lily, promote to what build gradually east · Long Tengcheng is world, medium south · sea bosom friend, the residential building of Zheng Dongxin area formed certain dimensions slowly. So, does at present the price level of building of house of Zheng Dongxin region, client locate, the circumstance with relatively close relationship of the person that enter circumstance and corresponding form a complete set to set bestow to buy a house how? The reporter visited a few to have representative building dish.

Apartment of international of Olympic garden · is one of residential buildings that Zheng Dongxin area develops earlier, had made a room at present. Fixed position of its opening price, client and enter owner scale to be in inchoate it is certain to have representative.

According to course of study of buy of apartment of international of Olympic garden · advisory Wang Shuqing introduces, project client locates personage of the high level in be, in October 2004 when open quotation, project all valence is in square metre of 3600 yuan of / , open quotation stream is billowy that day, sale of after this project also is to had gone all the time.

Becoming a reporter to ask about the person that buy a house is what crowd when, he says, the person that buy a house has 5 to become about is foreigner, the person that majority buys a house is not first buy course of study. As to buy a room to use as invest or live, not clear still.
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