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2007 Zhengzhou office building " purity " rise year

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Office building is the report that urban economy grows. In last few years, market of Zhengzhou office building appears bigger ascendant impetus, especially Zheng Dongxin area CBD the ceaseless emerge in large numbers of a batch of office building and office building of downtown high end, raised Zhengzhou office building greatly " pure " degree.

A market   of rapid growth

Since 2006, the office building property of a batch of high end appears in Zhengzhou. The peak of greenbelt · century that is located in Zheng Dongxin area is meeting, suitable gallop · is the first international, blue a lot of office building such as border banking center appears on the Pu Faguo that the province on road of edifice of king of the ground that pile up · , agriculture collects canalage of center, gold to go up in succession, no matter appearance style still is class, of whole market buy administrative levels of concept, client to be in change.

Look from market of office building of current and whole Zhengzhou, east the area collected large quantities of one high level office building with its advantageous situation and easy communication. And downtown very little earth very little gold, it is the place that high-level office building centers quite. The area is mixed south on the west the office building market of the area and other area photograph compare still insufficient maturity, wait for the improvement of infrastructure as the strong support of governmental policy and traffic, area land price is worth on the west by rediscovery, but office building market is relatively insufficient and active.

Market of Zhengzhou office building arrives from 2002 2006, show ascendant trend of year after year, come a few years, supply of Zhengzhou office building is constant refresh record. Besides the addition of supply, price of whole of Zhengzhou office building also appears clear ascendant trend. CBD of new developed area of the Zhengdong at the beginning of last year of office building of many high end roll out, zhengzhou office building all valence begins to enter ascendant path, current, although market supply continues to increase, but price ascendant trend still driving.

Market demand high speed grows, sales volume jumps, main reason is as Zhengzhou economy

Develop, high speed increases the demand that drove business affairs property, the company raises ceaselessly to the demand of high-end office building, in the meantime, zhengzhou city starts the construction of CBD of core of Zheng Dongxin area, policy conducted the development of office building market.

The bitter fleabane break out of the market is exhibited, promoted the promotion of level of Zhengzhou office building. Long-term and dedicated Zheng Xinqiao of limited company president tells the course of study of buy of gram of Henan all alone at office building domain the reporter, in last few years, the integral level of Zhengzhou office building rises really bigger.
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