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Core clew:  situation large bamboo hat touchs a Meng of  of which carapace postscript commentate 10 thousand square metre of yellow? , own share of class of elephant of office building market, the project will make a room on December 31, sale make a great coup, its are right Zhengzhou building city especially the surveyor's pole meaning of office building market is different from common. Through be opposite client of international company center and the market appearance that its cause undertake thorough analysis, can lead demand of office building market not only, grind sentence office building market to go situation, and right office building development will be had henceforth be drawn lessons from strongly and referenced meaning.

One-time autograph exceeds 7000 square metre about, 1 year in have 300 medium-sized company enters Yu Jiada halt, sale rate has been broken through 90% ... the sale outstanding achievement of such arrogant people, enough allows international company central laugh is proud Central Plains.

It is what thing lets international company center " ride absolutely dirt " , get run market of Central Plains office building? Pass through lots and lots of first idea, the author is thorough this project is in-house, right " phenomenon of international company center " undertook analysing.

The height of environment of business affairs office is unified

Ask if make,canal where is gotten clear? Market of what get the upper hand of does international company center depend on? The view of a professional personage straight from the shoulder: Piao of post You of  of abundant of  of Kang of Piao of  of health die young throws this head bask in Φ to seek come to an agreement of phenolic Long of  of clear bed dispatch > Ji of dusk a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct imprints more Zi of T Jiu low is bad be contrary to large bamboo hat of   situation reachs a male some basks in κ opportunely Zhan of tritium of balance of billows Tiao fat! ?

The height that a good office building should be office environment and business affairs environment is unified. Alleged office environment, going up from the building is the index of a few hardware that points to the product such as architectural Electromechanical configuration and planar layout. Number of ladder of rate of the 5A that often says like us, central air conditioning, elevator, elevator, old hall, illume is waited a moment. This decided the grade of an office building. Environment of alleged business affairs, it is to point to the form a complete set that development of association of contented business affairs, business affairs and job of business affairs staff live, more pointing to the index besides construction index. Business affairs environment includes, business affairs collects district of quality of condition of temperament of atmosphere of gender, business affairs, business affairs, traffic, population, city, service of Wu of circumjacent finance, ticket, recreational, entertainment is waited a moment.
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