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Office building of goods of end of stability of risk low redound chickens ribs c

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Chief represents Central Plains real estate related office building ministry, there is partial office building to be in on Guangzhou market at present unit of the money that choose end, for example of sea bead area rich be filled with international edifice, the Ren abundant edifice of area of the Milky way, price of this type office building is in 8000 yuan more, 13000 yuan / square metre left and right sides, and the face already rented the hire of the unit will look once upon a time, redound can maintain in 7% , 10% between.

Zhao Guoquan of inspector general of department of indifferent and landed project thinks, to end goods office building, if the price is lower than type product is the same as on the market 15% the left and right sides is worth investment very much.

Risk low, redound is stable

It is from what Central Plains real estate offers in light of office building of goods of carry out end, building dish not much, only 11 are controlled, and every building dish the money amount of li of place remnant is not much, most building dish have 229 square metre only, for example of sea bead area rich be filled with international edifice to have a few units only, and be given priority to with small area unit. From the point of the office building of these goods selling remaining part, had thrown not less use, level of management of the real rental level that buys the home to be able to know office building, property, and still have a share be to take lease to sell, the risk that its invest is lower than buying period building to want.

Zhao Guoquan expresses, besides developing business to retain partial unit truly, most end goods can roll out the market with favourable price. Place produces offerred data to show in, the end goods office building of sea bead area besides in continent center (examine a map) outside, the others price is in 8000 multivariate, 9000 multivariate / between square metre; And in area of the Milky way and old the city zone, the price just also is in 11 thousand yuan, 13 thousand yuan / between square metre, mix connect with the residential price inside area close. Chief expresses related Central Plains real estate, in continent central hire is in 80 yuan / square metre / lunar left and right sides, redound is in 7.3% the left and right sides, rich the hire that is filled with international edifice also is in 65 yuan, 70 yuan / square metre / between the month, redound can be achieved 9.7% .

Under market price 15% but enter town

From at present market end money looks, main component plants: The unit with a kind of front that rises to develop business to be withheld intentionally, good floor, but on market of money of this kinds of end very few, perhaps have the property of dispute again; Another kind is the unit that in selling a process, leaves, front, floor differ slightly a few. Zhao Guoquan expresses, although many end goods office building had had an unit to be in,rent, hire a cost already very clear, but if be the 2nd kind of property, hire level wants relatively a few lower, if the price under market price case 15% the left and right sides, can enter town.
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