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Zhengzhou again and again administration thrust new developed area develops

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"Give figure 3 years, dimensions of 5 the year's harvest. " 2006 is Zheng Dongxin area starts area " dimensions of 5 the year's harvest " of a bureau year, because owner is entered actually rate is very not good, deficient of person energy of life is perplexing the development of new developed area badly.

"Guide a dweller to be entered as soon as possible, it is the Chongzhongzhi that shows work of level Zhengdong new developed area heavy. " the area is in charge of Zheng Dongxin appoint can express about chief.

According to introducing, the area is in charge of Zheng Dongxin appoint the tentative idea of the meeting is: To this year the end of the year, new developed area can join 130 thousand person. Besides development at present building personnel is mixed build school teachers and students, join a number effectively very not ideal.

Have outside doubt, at present new developed area enters Zhengdong to had been not led 15% . To this, a project builds Zheng Dongxin division and sell the project controller that all values to think, its village enters second half of the year to lead can rise stage by stage, hopeful of the end of the year is achieved 30% . "Improving person energy of life is not support some respect, however the problem of square field surface. " this personage expresses.

The person enrages long-term training

"The construction development of Zheng Dongxin area CBD gives figure, but ' who will consume ' the issue is more outstanding. " the construction of Zheng Dongxin area also lets the personage inside course of study pose such quandary: From where does the user of Zheng Dongxin area CBD come? Although the high-level office building in Zheng Dongxin area CBD sells,went out, does Zhengzhou have so much person to handle official bussiness to CBD? What is more,the rather that of a lot of goes up via the 3 road such as road, agriculture road business affairs office building inside city hire carry out and not ideal, hire for nothing rate be as high as 30% to control.

According to introducing, 2006, real estate of Zheng Dongxin area measures city roughly, predict this area office building system capacity will achieve 1.5 million square metre. "The summation of the business affairs building that this older than Zhengzhou the city zone builds one year, office building is much still. " new developed area enters Zhengdong at present to lead do not exceed 15% roughly, the scale of the residential project with a few right sales also won't go high where. The personage inside course of study points out, to area construction construction unit can be designed, appoint schedule, can take economic shift sanction even; But to owner and citizen, how is policy strength developed? "Zhengzhou government sector did not start Zheng Dongxin area area (CBD center) the center that is put in new city, and chose the positional development with old city have a common boundary, the meaning of distant concern close Lv sees one spot. "
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