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Professional commerce real estate initiates Zhengzhou business to extend new pat

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Make a comprehensive view Zhengzhou commerce is landed 2006, because get macroscopical adjusting control the effect is very small and trot all the way: Development of office building market encountered unprecedented hot occasion, the commercial real estate of area heartland appears subsequently overheat symptom, develop a new force suddenly rises in real estate of right now professional commerce.

Office building market is record-breaking hot

Speak of the office building market of Zhengzhou, many people can remember above all 2006 first half of the year. No matter be the alternate of the to the limit of one's capacity of the market, product,go out, the innovation of sale, let consumer shine at the moment, especially center of banking of Pu Faguo border, province collects a center to wait for a purpose to come out, give indeed the Zhengzhou building city first half of the year added one big hotspot 2006. And, heavy pound policy " country 6 " promulgate carry out do not have bigger impact to commercial real estate, real estate of business of Zhengzhou building town begins to warm up gradually, for a short while the central issue that business lays investment to become consumer to pay close attention to.

Manager of Pan of company of sale of real estate of travel of Xiamen day force expresses, taste office building newly in great quantities appearing on the market is meddlesome originally, but because basically be class of same a sector of an area, product and client group fixed position, although the product is good, still cannot avoid coessential the destiny that change, because this increased competitive pressure. And at present Zhengzhou estate market is in macroscopical adjusting control again period, below this kind of circumstance, if development business is done not have dye-in-the-wood hold, apparent won't easily project approving development.

Nevertheless, a lot of people or the development that did not come to office building were full of confidence. After all, the market space of office building and state of affairs of progress of this locality economy have inseparable concern, from analysis of long-term point of view, as the rapid development of Zhengzhou economy, expand of the enterprise ceaselessly, office building market still be pregnant with is worn tremendous business chance. Just, development business also needs to watch the market exquisitely, if office building develops the word with unreasonable fixed position, get admissive hard for certain.

Central traffic is landed a bit " have a fever "

Before paragraph time, while commercial real estate develops quickly, zhengzhou commerce also entered a high speed to send exhibition period. Of square of town of the enters square of bay of gong of city of city, big Shanghai open quotation of shopping park of amorous feelings of · of hundred years moralization, Baolong lay a foundation and of a few large and integrated supermarkets garrison and practice, make the commercial competition smoke of gunpowder of Zhengzhou diffuses.
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