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1 Zhengzhou of 18.3 ∶ office building " hire carry out " scale great disparity

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The number tells us everything.

The Ke Zhen that develops 48 estate company when us fastens area of office building project and photograph of control oneself area to divide, reach 18.3 ∶ when the number of 1, this very significant number of real estate of Zhengzhou business affairs, throughout history first time is clear.

From primitive " flatter oneself " in go, the business affairs project that discovers Zhengzhou hires carry out proportion very great disparity. Occupy statistic according to ours, at present the development area of project of Zhengzhou business affairs amounts to four million five hundred and sixty-four thousand one hundred square metre, and area of development business control oneself is two hundred and forty-nine thousand nine hundred and eighty-two square metre only. Inside reason is very simple: Hire as carry out.

Review market of Zhengzhou office building, show the sign that centers to the limit of one's capacity this year. The abidance as office building property grow in quantity, sell pressure also subsequently bigger and bigger, although know office building " sell as control oneself " , but run to quicken a company, mostly the company still trades property of new development office building with offerring way.

Digital itself does not have pair of faults, the urban photograph that also cannot develop with the business affairs real estate such as Beijing, Shanghai is compared, our purpose is illuminated to establish this to put only, because Zhengzhou building city needs this number. Economic viewpoint signs up for a reporter: Guo Chun Jiang

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