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City of Beijing office building building trades during estimating the golden wee

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The data of net of Beijing estate buying operation shows, arrived on September 29 during October 4, period room lot measures Beijing commodity house about only 412, day all is signed measure 69 about. “ has the autograph September 29 to measure more than 100 about only during ” of 11 golden weeks, other period room lot measures commodity house of a few days about all not as good as 100. This autograph is measured about than this year the Spring Festival reachs the 51 autographs that wait to make an appointment with a quantity to all drop somewhat, than last year the autograph of ” of 11 golden weeks measures “ about more large area glides. Statistical data shows, residential day all signed “ to be measured about during ” of 11 golden weeks last year it is 246, compare this year the corresponding period dropped last year 72% .

Grow in quantity of the person that look to be not bought only

As we have learned, this year 11 golden weeks of “ during ” , many buildings of Beijing dish roll out items to be hit variously fold sales promotion activity, the person that partial project spot sees a room is added gradually much. Differ with in former years nevertheless, what see a room to project spot this year is much, those who buy a house is very few, appeared “ looks not to buy ” situation only.

Reporter in Beijing the eastpart part some project spot understands, the person that the part sees a room expresses, now a lot of building dish hitting lose sales promotion, every building dish have certain favourable range, some buildings dish hit case of convert into money to had reached psychological base price, but in at present the situation of building city general be expected to fall falls, still dare not buy easily, can see a few buildings more only so dish, look next specific go situation besides. 11 Beijing of “ cold and cheerless of city of the building between gold cycle, have the reason of a lot of respects, but OK and affirmative, now is not people does not want to buy, however house price is too high, most person still is canned not afford. Luo Yuan of general manager of orgnaization of real estate of primary line of business of ” Beijing glad expresses.

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