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  For steam again capital, new dish low appears on the market, but this action is pounding Laopan

“ Jin Jiuyin 10 ” always is new building dish the inning that appears on the market centrally, but with different last year is, new this year dish open quotation price often is making work under periphery building dish, this action is pounding Laopan's price, come so, how to fix a price to develop the problem that business headaches.

The personage inside course of study thinks, new dish opening price walks along low report to give price of the house below macroscopical adjusting control to be returned to to value. Building city is fatigued and weak, development business cannot resemble going in that way obtain sudden huge profits, house price should reflect its original living value gradually.

   For steam again capital new dish low appears on the market

Recently, jiangchen tens of new dish appear on the market the price anticipates under the market, all valence compares circumjacent building dish little low 500 yuan, many low on 1000 yuan, your periphery is making work building dish be immersed in sale backwater condition for a time.

“ sells those who had compared recently is price relatively a few lower, door model a few smaller building dish. Shi Zhangsheng of analyse of share of market of limited company of adviser of estate of fortification of ” riverside river thinks, when buying room person to buy a house in an area, general meeting is making work periphery building dish after looking, decide to buy again which. If the product is mixed in class,do not have too big difference locally at this moment, the person that buy a house can choose the building with inferior value certainly dish. New characteristic of dish of this one psychology that held the person that buy a house just about, the price often can join megacycle edge to be in carry out building dish.

The personage inside course of study expresses, clinch a deal the volume drops, the extension with project periodic sale, let numerous estate the efficiency of capital have enough to meet need of business is reduced greatly. New dish of project is small the main purpose that leave is for as soon as possible steam again capital, additional, add those who supply house price newly to drop, it is a kind of expression that returns to to value in the price below macroscopical adjusting control.

   How to fix a price let an in a dilemma that send dealer

The Laolou that low open quotation lets same area be the same as class dish be in very passive position. “ our early days has been sold half, if depreciate at this moment sales promotion, face meeting the enormous pressure that comes from old owner, do not depreciate to be able to bring resistance to the sale again. ” a building dish the selling manager tells a reporter, how to fix a price let an in a dilemma that send dealer.
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