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Shenzhen building city most lack confidence

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Why to say house price still can fall? Why did house price fall doesn't 40%-50% still have a Lou Panlan end? Why to still move? Yesterday, in estate autumn hand in what can hold " buy course of study, this skill " on forum, the expert points out, shenzhen building city is current most those who be short of is confidence, below the premise that lacks confidence in the city after be opposite, shenzhen does not contain a person of extraordinary powers curtilage bridal chamber all price can fall before long 10 thousand yuan / square metre is the following.

General manager Xu treats De Saiqin politics say, autumn hand in can see a building dish the person is very much, everybody is not very rapid move buys a house. According to the experience last year, appear on the market company to deal with annals, house price is met “ diving ” , estimation Shenzhen does not contain a person of extraordinary powers curtilage all price can fall very quickly 10 thousand yuan / square metre is the following.

He says, shenzhen building city differred greatly this year, unlike sold a building to resemble selling Chinese cabbage last year same. By last year June, have a Lou Panping all the price 8000 much, it is before retail, every door model add 1000—2000 yuan / square metre, still be grabbed when open quotation and empty. Shenzhen sold 50 thousand bridal chamber 2005, sold 70 thousand 2006, 2007 is 50 thousand, predict to be able to sell 30 thousand the left and right sides only this year.

“ last year this moment is Shenzhen building when price is top. Now, according to the house price index that Shenzhen weaves, eliminate a person of extraordinary powers curtilage index, dropped 40% much. a person of extraordinary powers curtilage after price take out, ability reflects this market truly. Secondhand building market drops all the way, this is very normal. The price curve of skill building market, some moment are to going up, but if a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the word of take out, drop. ” Xu Zhi politics say.

The house price of Shenzhen, someone said to drop so much, can you still drop? Someone says: Cannot drop to cost price the following. Xu Zhi politics thinks, if be the word that bought the land at high price 2007, cost is high. But, some buildings dish it is the land that buys before, floor price is not high. Xu Zhi politics thinks, building city resembles a stock same, everybody wants to buy go up to be not bought drop. Everybody does not move is not the problem of money, shenzhen has 1200 much people, have demand of so much tigidity, those who be short of is confidence. Everybody was afraid of “ to be bought today, will drop tomorrow. ”

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