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Sale of house of each district commodity drops

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Since this year, the commodity house market of many towns of domestic appeared the sale drops continuously posture, building city whole appears low confuse condition. Such development situation makes ” of hard-land of “ of city of building of generation of branch of partial city director anxious. For this, partial local government begins to begin to take step of a few warm city.

   The first action

Relax land sell one's own things: Exciting development business takes the land

The Central Bank, silver-colored inspect can allot jointly " the announcement that accelerates managing intensive to use the land about finance " , stipulate financial orgnaization prohibits developing an enterprise to extend to be used technically at the loan of money paid for something purchased or received for something sold of pay land sell one's own things to estate. This one clause gives undoubtedly originally low confused land market again one disaster after another.

And as corresponding as this one setting is, each district government secretly condition of sell one's own things of land of ” of “ untie a person, the action helping city of market of a land is undertaking sadly in.

   Adjust supply rhythm

Regard game as regular constitutor, nanjing shakes the first times an old standard. Nanjing was first 2008 put delay first quarter the rhythm that land rolls out, desalt opens complete time, more ” of “ run out of grain a month.

On May 4, the “ that releases in bureau of natural resources of Nanjing city land in ” of announcement of sell one's own things of the 4th land, only two plot hang out his shingle. And date of this declared sale was on June 12, before be apart from one times land is auctioned full removed 45 days.

To this behavior, although the government and industry view are differ, what Dan Wei decides is, face such great waves not the market of Jing, this action is to exploring undoubtedly.

Tianjin and Wuhan immediately become the person that follow suit. Wuhan city land trades central director Yu Xiang ever expressed to media in July, wuhan is brewing a variety of means answer land to auction cold winter, land is supplied also can be faced with adjust.

Although Yu Xiang is not specific,disclose adjust detail, but show according to data of natural resources of Wuhan city land and website of house property management board, wuhan city land trades the center plans to 9 land participate in an auction formerly in announcement at the beginning of July, hang out parts on this website subsequently 3 additional announcement, because reason adjourns,statement plans the 4 land “ of sell one's own things among them, specific time separately announcement ” . The rhythm that put delay is self-evident.

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