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Fall greatly 200 thousand yuan

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Autumn of 2008 Shanghai estate is revealed the center can be exhibited to kick off in Shanghai yesterday, compare with the building city photograph that is in ” of “ cold winter of late, this the room exhibits the temperature of the meeting quite tall. But look from the circumstance of the spot, the client sees the enthusiasm of the room be not decreased, and next single rate did not promote apparently however.

Olympic garden is in exhibit before established basketball field and gymnastical equipment, attracted many coming round that join the crowd that exhibit, at the same time also advocate this building dish “ motion is consummate the characteristic of ” . Of course, besides these “ stunt ” , of 200 thousand depreciate extent also made another window.

Greenbelt carries the many buildings such as old street of company of apartment of cheap of the sprain below the banner, sailing, golden hill dish come round to join exhibit, and the favourable measure that roll out also has ternary, the first, buy specific room source to enjoy base price; The 2nd, buy the residential boarding house of 1 million yuan of above, obtain give administration fee of 2000 yuan of card of 1000 yuan of car, traffic, property to wait. The 3rd, buy a room to enjoy 200 yuan / of smooth rice decorate. And the catchphrase that borders the 9th bay of sand of blue sea gold hit “ to buy villa to send apartment ” .

The personage inside course of study is analysed, developing business to face the biggest difficult problem at present is capital problem, and in the market the hour with wait-and-see grumous atmosphere, the choice lives oneself the guest undertakes be sellinged mainly had becominged the strategy with a lot of development common business, because this depreciates,sales promotion also is new issue no longer.

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