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Car is form of house property card the same as waste paper? Car change property

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■ the parking lot that deserves to build to enforcing, can the government let develop business to hand in gold of land sell one's own things how from which seek accrual?

■ if make the cost of the parking lot,already smooth booth gives owner, resell car whether to belong to one room of “ two sell ” ?

Without the car the reader of estate authority card wants to see ” of its “ fragrant look, the hand holds the person of estate authority card, say that is a piece of waste paper however! Yesterday, should of wide readership hold in the palm, what hold the citizen of this kind of certificate to enjoy “ to have card ” please is happy. However, a few readers make a telephone call, those who recount is the pain that “ has card ” however.

According to statistic of hot line editorial office, after newspaper gave a market yesterday afternoon, the phone rings ceaseless, “ is say a car the thing of card of room property right, we received 779 telephone calls more at least afternoon. Incoming telegram of among them a few readers discovers ” reporter follow-up, because village underground parking lot has natural “ communal ” is characteristic, although some parking space obtain what law approbates to turn property right demesne, but up a stump, make manage witness in a dilemma.

I was in “ early to spent 270 thousand HK dollar to buy a car 1995, ’ of that ‘ card looks now resemble waste paper a piece. Mr ” Mr Zhang is Hong Kong person, show Fu Yuan. Last night, he lets a reporter saw his that “ in the past but the house property card of ” .

On September 25 at 10 o'clock, two loses to see him be bought early or late then cars that Mr Zhang is taking a reporter to reach a village, take out two to it corresponding estate card. The reporter sees, estate card and the house property evidence that see the general goods room that cross at ordinary times almost just the same, just, the ” of card of “ house property that imprints on the certificate the title page of a thread-bound book that sent 1998 among them 3 words, and the card that sent 2005 changed ” of card of “ estate authority 4 words (if pursue) . It is in one column of ” of property of “ building property, be clear that indicating is “ demesne ” .

“ this car belong to me demesne belongings, prices branch stresses the male general character of the parking lot, rental the price fixing that can press a government only, every month 400 yuan. Mr ” Mr Zhang has been to a lot of countries, say to see this kind of self-contradictory management way hard all over the world, “ since car had followed a house same demesne, so the room that whether can the government provide me does every month rent how many money? ” he thinks, in light of the property that holds from house property card, have a car, with the property that owns store of an a house, business it is same, a month can have leased a building thousands of yuan, demesne place of property right article happens rent, sell wait for behavior, if extend a hand to come by the government price fixing, the “ government public right that violated constitution is inviolable demesne the principle of belongings ” . Be in on the hearing, price of bureau of Guangzhou city price grows those who say the government is made to jockey everywhere rate must be carried out, the car that Mr Zhang takes out him house property card, rhetorical question says what this piece of paper has to use, dumb character of the other side in order to be opposite.
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