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Unit price is more expensive than commodity house 2440 yuan

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Guangzhou the eastpart part 10 thousand divisions of ——— of project of room of two big price fixing are new Jing Huating of course of development and Long Guangfeng, national Day golden week encounters awkwardness again: City of adjacent big landscape of constant of 700 mus of grail with cost price 3360 yuan / square metre open quotation, unit price is compared among them building of house of a price fixing dish fully low 2440 yuan! And before this, room of these two price fixing already was greened jade Gui Yuan (business special administrative area, the banner leaves a floor dish) phoenix city

Regard “ as building city

Person of price fixing room is enraged not quite flourishing

11 ” of “ building city, hit the most aglitter should belong to Guangzhou the eastpart part board piece. Put on sale of city of Xin Panheng big landscape, foreign room lowest price 3360 yuan / square metre, villatic price 5610 yuan / square metre, so-called “ exceeds room of cost of bamboo shoot ” . And the project of room of two price fixing that is located in scientific city to initiate highway north and boundary of wide Shan highway, be lead to city of Heng Dashan water surely the road of classics, 10 thousand divisions of “ are new course of development all valence 5800 yuan / Jing Huating of Long Guangfeng of square metre ” , “ 4000 yuan / of square metre ” gigantic a billboard, the “ that became landscape city inadvertently it seems that holds ” in the palm.

Building of these two price fixing dish, does 11 ” golden week sell “ how? Reporter yesterday one dug unexpectedly.

Adjacent in the morning 11 when, ministry of building of carry out of new course of development of 10 thousand divisions, very few 45 guests do not calculate too lively. This price fixing dish highest price fixing is 6000 yuan / square metre, although a few floor, unit that front inferiors a bit is returned but low to 5000 multivariate, but Miss Yang that will see a building is very hesitant still. She admits, when first phase rolls out new course of development, feeling true is very “ touchs ” , still be explain buy shake bead after the rank leans and vexed. “ feels this price is a few higher again now. Miss ” Miss Yang rejoices a bit.

As new as 10 thousand divisions course of development all the way the Long Guangfeng Jing Huating that lie between, in 20 minutes when stay in the reporter, also have 29 guests only. They are in the dialog with the salesperson, not be to take 3360 yuan of city of Heng Dashan water / square metre is made quite, take minimum price of foreign house of town of phoenix of garden of green jade laurel namely 360 thousand yuan / set for thing.

Two price fixing dish the salesperson has been been used to apparently to this, make this response: “ is both the product that is different fixed position, building dish a sector of an area has very big difference, cannot make directly compare ……”
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