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The United States casts an undersell to be in China landed project

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In fact, although American finance storm grows in intensity, but the effect that European place suffers is not big, when the United States announces to help city, other 7 countries wealth grows to release statement not to help city however. From fund also be such for angle. The personage of company of some Europe landed fund says to the reporter: We suffer “ influence, but do not meet too suffer an effect. Our investment basically is long-term investment, big rub their landed project, look for us to had talked, we are not anxious buy. Right now for us, it is a wonderful opportunity that cut price. ”

In fact, operate circuit according to fund, good when collect of a fund capital, affirmatory year after return rate, must move to invest, otherwise the cost with unused capital will be very high. Since fund of a lot of Europe has decided to come to China to invest real estate, they are to must buy an item, current market, just make them a few more careful.

American casts the Chinese landed project that give, be the item that European hope buys, what become an issue possibly is the price. About the price, these fund and cast the person that go out to be put in vast difference.

The obstacle with potential another is Chinese policy. But Shanghai fills Jian Hongzhou of president of situation investment limited company to say to the reporter: “ is right of these a few orgnaizations cast dish, the policy outside be restricted is not an obstacle, OK and abroad pay fund, home is bought. ”

Face unrest of finance of near future whole world, an investigation shows De Qin recently, illicit collect equity (the long-term development of PE) investment orgnaization to Chinese market foreground is confident still, because IPO market slants soft reach debt financing to tighten up, bring about PE market to attract equity to anticipate investment activity will increase relatively.

But Gu Bo of partner of officer of service of equity of collect of illicit of China of De Qin of no less than (ChrisCooper) place says, the biggest challenge that “ code superintends PE of China be regardinged as to invest an orgnaization to develop place to be faced with. The measure of a few administration that superintendency orgnaization near future issues reachs legislative provision, make clear intended and short-term tighten up and control foreign investment. Reason this, the superintendency code that PE invests orgnaization nature to long for a few conduce to open the market comes on stage and trade examine and approve a regulation to edit relevantly. ”

Civilian fund: Ambition lacks actual strength

Illicit collect orgnaization of folk, often lurk is besides public eye shot. But, through rapid development of these a few years, had had the orgnaization with a lot of very abundant actual strength. Illicit collect orgnaization of folk can be become receive dish person, also be the topic that industry pays close attention to all the time.
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