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Beijing building city did not show " gold 9 "

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Beijing residence period room trades the capacity did not appear “ gold 9 ” , relatively dropped in August about 3 into ——

The gold of “ of Beijing building city that expects inside course of study 9 ” did not appear, “ is silver-colored the possibility that 10 ” appear is more vague. Statistic of net of Beijing estate buying operation shows yesterday, in September Beijing residence the date of agreement on period room net all 93, become nearly 3 years to come a month with least sale of residential period room.

Become 3 years to trade trough

September is calendar year of Beijing building city will sell busy season traditionally, be called by the habit inside course of study “ gold 9 ” . But the data of net of buying operation of estate of reporter statistic Beijing shows, house of period house of Beijing building town sold total a cycle of songs in a traditional opera to be 2788 in September, sale gross area is about 330 thousand smooth rice, period room day all clinchs a deal the quantity is 93.

According to statistic, september trade the quantity all had in August than was being mixed in July relatively drop substantially, dropped than August 29% , dropped than July 42% . Traded last year in September compared to the same period quantity (391) drop 76% . As we have learned, september trade the quantity also is close will 3 years have trade publicly a month of the lowest in data.

Period room puts a quantity to increase considerably

Beijing building city trades the quantity lasts reductive at the same time, the quantity of building take inventory of Beijing building city increases continuously. The data of net of Beijing estate buying operation shows, this year on January 1, house of Beijing building town period room can make work a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is 69685, and to September 30 occurrence bedding face of this data criterion accumulates growth, among them residential period room can make work a cycle of songs in a traditional opera achieves 113185, can make work the area increases to 14.08 million smooth rice. Can make work September a cycle of songs in a traditional opera of residential period room increased 43500 than the beginning of the year, amplitude is amounted to 46% .

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