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Hua Lu of Shun of new and high area 1

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High new developed area of county of urban Jinan area
Hua Lu of Shun of property address high new developed area 1 (the adjacent austral institute of Qi Lu software, classics 10 north adjacent)
Building type office building hires house price 14000 yuan / month
Property name individual of source of news of base of happy family estate
Hall of the room that rent a house 1 room defends hutch
Front floor the 4th (in all 12)
Floor area the 600 usable floor area that make the same score rice 600 smooth rice
Decorate a circumstance brief decorate room age 0 years
Infrastructure report, central heating, broadband,
Traffic situation classics meets an opening 10 times with Shun China road, traffic is convenient, multichannel is public transportation
The furniture inside rental room
Period of validity of 2008-07-29 of the date that register 30 days
Pay hire means to lease room time the least in December
Entering time to whether see a room at any time is
This room is short-term and rental
The time that rent requirement of at least 730 hire
Base of happy family estate is the high-grade office building of area of concentration of industry of new and high technology, position of out of print of new and high area, the environment is beautiful, the appearance is grandiose, 24 hours of security personnel serve, center heating, door in the center of type air conditioning, elevator, service of subterranean parking lot reachs the designated position. Have scriptorium of 600 square metre to rent, room break up easily, can rectify hire or sublease, comfortable at IT company, accountant (lawyer) firm of office, ad. The price 0.8 yuan / day * makes the same score rice (long hire but proper privilege) , property administration fee 2.51 yuan / lunar * makes the same score rice.
Contact information
Contact: Ms. Zhang
Connect a telephone call: 13325106115

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