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On dynast of boreal garden road

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Area of crossover of county of urban Jinan area
On dynast of road of garden of property address north
Road of surroundings north garden
Building type office building hires house price 2600 yuan / month
Garden of property name north fine collect individual of source of round-the-world square news
The room that rent a house 1 room 1 hall 1 defend 1 hutch
Front floor the 10th (in all 14)
Floor area the 58 usable floor area that make the same score rice 58 smooth rice
Decorate a circumstance luxurious decorate room age 2008
Infrastructure report, cable television, ADSL, broadband,
Traffic situation 95.66.30.BRT is fast and public transportation wait
Rent the clothbound austral face of the furniture inside the room is repaired
Period of validity of 2008-08-04 of the date that register 30 days
Pay hire fashion side to view the least time that rent a house in June
Enter time 2008.8. Whether the middle ten days of a month sees a room at any time is
Other air conditioning, water heater, furniture,
This room is short-term and rental
The time that rent at least 180 hire ask 2600
Can handle official bussiness. Can live this room is business is used live, traffic is convenient
Contact information
Contact: 13589051588
Connect a telephone call: 13589051588
Email: 13589051588

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