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In embellish century square

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In the advanced apartment of embellish century square is fundamental key with contracted new classicism, wen Wan is delicate, modelling elegance, as unified as photograph of color of century city first phase. Form large and exalted uptown. Building by south to north, height is ordinal and elevatory, formed line of horizon of form of a flight of stairs. Already aggrandizement the landscape alignment via 10, satisfied the Na Xiangjing view of uptown utmost and illumination again. The gardens design theme of the project is ” of “ zoology ” , “ environmental protection and “ sustainable progress ” . There is place of essay of large water scene, lawn, greenbelt and rare flowers and trees, pleasance, fitness inside community. Afforest and building each other are an interface, surround each other close, union of the union that make the same score slope, tall fill union, flowers and plants, whole landscape is fluent and pliable, endless. Square of as recreational as the Yan Shan of periphery fitness and south group Cheng Hui of hill set each other off. Inside community far considerable hill, close accessibly water, the environment is delightful. Afforest rate amounts to 35% above. Cent of embellish century square is in south, north two advocate passageway, no matter come in and go out from urban wh which direction community, convenient understand. Person car billabong comes true inside the area, wagon flow enters subterranean garage inside stone's throw, after berth car, can arrive directly at destination by elevator directly. Fire control driveway is adopted concealment driveway of type fire control, can achieve functional requirement already, aggrandizement weak condition landscape.
Because the project is located in a sector of an area of key of new city of Jinan the eastpart part, fix eyes upon provincial capital by broad masses place, leadership of province, city also raised very tall requirement to this project construction, for this, profit group feels in of responsibility great, group leader labels this project construction current the mainest job task, the capital actual strength with the outstanding talent such as plan of the focussed a group program design of utmost, construction management, sale and solid bloc, determination makes this project construction the new beautiful feature of fontal city the eastpart part, for the city of Jinan city construction add lustre to buys variety.

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