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La Shi • Bao north 6, according to triplex the 10 thousand adjacent that amount to north, the product presents diamond market shop and whole landscape scriptorium, its sit have center of core trade group, CBD, administration, review big bright lake, Bao dash forward spring, Hei Huquan beautiful scenery of park of 3 big landscape; Its make a city the brand admiral base of old brand of polymerization of major of central business division, big businessman, for provincial the window of the figure that actual strength businessman shows a brand; The project holds region of fortune of fontal city landscape to want situation, share fontal city Lu Rijun stream of people of 220 thousand business and stream of people of business of landscape region travel, bear the weight of money center big business.

La Shi • Bao north 6, make a city build vanward beauty

Business shop: Underground is 100-2000 one layer to make the same score rice above to on the ground 2, can combine Founder shop diamond market shop: The street is a layer east tall the shops of 7 double entry business of rice, monolayer price, double deck is used; The street makes ” of base of admiral of “ old brand on the west, management industry condition: Inn of major of bank, brand, book, house of life of place of house of path of gauze of office of service of coffee, brand, Western-style food, marriage, tea, hairdressing, SPA house, preserve one's health, gallery, meeting, household, artistic Tibet is tasted reveal, individual character act the role ofing is tasted reveal ……

Exceed the shop of the whole business that face a market of wide appearance, enough inn enrols obligate position, the design has perpendicular liaison man, sink square and smooth layer gallery are guided wait for good passenger flow to lead a system, everything is based on professional commercial position design, provided favorable commercial operation environment for commerce.

Scriptorium: On the ground 3 to scriptorium of 5 whole landscape, creation is epoch-making brand-new the new concept of ” of ” of “ landscape office, “ vogue office, product of tall LOFT of 6 meters of layers is daring cut, reframe, combination, combine the exceeding need of the daylighting space of deal with concrete matters relating to work, cater to personalized office characteristic, ensure landscape of inside and outside to permeate. Thing double landscape, natural lighting, green gardens landscape, bring scene into door, cool breeze happy person. Scriptorium of type of garden of 5 double entry, the modern office that sends saturation of Xin Fengxuan boast, light communicates natural setting of the space.

La Shi • Bao north 6, the trade that makes landscape fortune region flourishs

Brand effect has great promotion to property business value, la Shi resource of 6 brands businessman shares • Bao north, of business affairs and commerce organic and compound, perfect present an orderly management environment, ensure of property business hire strong prop up.
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