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Sea colourful square

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Trader of market of edge of fontal city district spreads hire price to present Xigaodong's low characteristic, 10 thousand amount to shopping square to regard fontal city as the road on the west head the core that commerce forms a delegation, shop and near neighbour business spread day of hire to upsurge outside to 20-30 yuan / square metre • day, day hire all is in scriptorium of circumjacent and congener class 4-5 yuan / square metre • day. Bao north road relies on his located commerce situation and landscape advantage, business shop and scriptorium rent posture to demand exceeds supply, rental rate gains of tall, tenement is steady, the businessman manages stability, those who drive business of a sector of an area to spread hire is comprehensive add go up, earn the investment gain rate of property of commerce of a sector of an area firmly.

A lake is flourishing a city, municipal government opens up endowment 460 million yuan of RMBs are made big bright lake extends a project, future is great bright lake is opened in the round also what certainly will all fronts drives Bao north road is praedial appreciate.

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